Ansel Adams' Zone System Now Easily Replicated in Photoshop

Ansel Adams' Zone System Now Easily Replicated in PhotoshopAnsel Adams' Zone System is now easily replicated in Photoshop thanks to Blake Rudis.

Blake runs F64 Academy and teaches Photoshop to hundreds of photographers on a regular basis. For years now Blake has offered products called Digital Zone System, which relied on Photoshop Actions. But now each of his Digital Zone System products has been merged into a new Photoshop Extension. Blake calls it, Zone System Express.

The extension is quick, it's painless, and it takes so much hassle out of Photoshop which so many photographers experience.

Zone System Express can be purchased on its own, with installation instructions and a workflow video.

It's also available in a bundled package.

  • Zone System Express panel
  • Panel Installation Guides
  • 1 Workflow Video
  • 23 Tone, Color, Effects, and Workflow videos
  • Gradients and Actions Extras
  • Workflow and Module Documentation
  • Follow Along Images

Here is my first overview and review of Zone System Express:

Interested in learning more? Check out the Zone System Express product page.

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  1. Wow! Thank you so much for sharing and supporting this vision. It is now a reality, ready or not 🙂 I appreciate, Scott. I really do!

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