A Booking Plugin for Your Photography Business

Here is a secret.

Many years ago we were in talks to acquire a beautiful booking plugin for WordPress.

It was not just another booking plugin. It was one of the most beautiful booking plugins we have ever seen, and it was 100% specific to photographers.

Turned out that the developer used code that was made by someone else, for another genre, and just modified it for photography. In the WordPress world, that's common, when a plugin is using the GPL license. But the plugin that was copied did not have an open-source license, so really the code was stolen.

Obviously we did not acquire that product, which stinks because it was gorgeous.

That is when we created the simple booking form template for Gravity Forms. It is a simple way for photographers to collect booking requests. It's nice, but it's definitely not a robust booking tool.

Booking Plugin for Your Photography Business

But good news! We now have a product to recommend as a stunning booking plugin for your photography business. The plugin is called Amelia, and it's a robust booking plugin that has payment options, location options, employee options, and even 2-way sync to a Google Calendar. But there is actually so much more!

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