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How to Install Imagely 2.0

Download the theme file

Go to your Imagely member's area, login and download the latest version of Imagely 2.0

Download imagely 2.0 theme

Zip File If you are using Safari, it is set up to open unzipped files, please, try the following

  • Open Safari
  • Click Preferences
  • Under the General tab, uncheck the option Open “safe” files after downloading.

You can also try downloading the zip file using another browser.

Install Imagely 2.0

  1. Login into your WordPress dashboard. Go to Appearance > Themes
  1.  Click on "Add New Theme".
  1. Click on "Upload Theme".
  1. Choose the zip file recently downloaded from your account member's area, click on "Install Now". Note: It will take some time.
  1. Click on the "Install Now" button.
  1. Click on "Activate".
  1. You will be able to see your Imagely 2.0 theme installed and active.

Choosing a Theme Design

If you are using Imagely 2.0, you have a big selection of ready to use Theme Designs. To select your theme, go to the Imagely Link in your WordPress dashboard.

Imagely 2.0 install demo data link inside the dashboard

You can check the demos before importing using the "Live Preview" button

Imagely 2.0 is a new theme; if you want to migrate your site that already contains posts and pages, please read this document: Migrating from Imagely Themes to Imagely 2.0

Importing the demo

Import Content, style, widgets, and sample galleries from the desired Imagely 2.0 theme (check our demos). You can import only the styling of the theme and skip the demo data.

  1. Use the "Import Now" button to import the style and widgets from that demo.
Imagely Import now button
We select to improt Iconic for this example
  1. Required plugins: During this step, you might need to install the required plugins. You need to install and activate them all before going to the next step.
Required plugins for Imagely 2.0
Yous should click and wait until the instalation and activation is working
  1. Once those plugins are active, click on the "Go to the next step" button.
go to the next step button
Once you have the required plugins you can proceed
  1. If you want to import all the demo from scratch the demo, we recommend doing that on a clean WordPress install.
There is a warning letting you know that you can duplicate content
  1. If you want to avoid duplicated content or galleries, only check "Import Design" and "Import Widgets" options to avoid duplicated content if you already have content on your site.
Select what you want to import
  1. The import process will take some time. When you see this message, "Demo imported!", it means that the process has been completed.
Demo imported! message
Click on See the result to check your site
  1. Optional: We recommend adjusting the Permalinks to use "Post Name" instead of using "Plain".
Permalinks settings

After you completed your installation and you are happy with the way the theme looks, please, perform a full website backup.

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