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Navigate to Appearance → Customize → Body → Pagination to style the navigation that appears at the bottom of your list of blog posts, on your blog page. *Note - these settings will only apply if you have the 'Blog Pagination Style' set to Standard under Appearance → Customize → Body → Blog Layout.


  • Align: sets the alignment of the pagination, it could be to the right, left, or center.
<em>Pagination align setting<em>
  • Font Size: changes the size of the Pagination. You can use Pixels, em, or percentage %/
  • Border Width: sets the border width of the Pagination numbers.
<em>Pagination font size and border width settings<em>
  • Background Color: establishes the background color of the Pagination.
  • Background Color - Hover: changes the background color when the mouse is over a Pagination number.
  • Color: changes the color of the Pagination numbers.
  • Color - Hover: modifies the color when the mouse is over a Pagination number.
  • Border Color: sets the color of the borders.
  • Border Color - Hover: modifies the boder color when the mouse is over a Pagination number
<em>Background Text and border color pagination settings<em>
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