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NextGEN Templates

Please note that NextGEN Legacy Template and Custom Styles will be deprecated and soon removed. See here:

Templates are custom themes for galleries; an example shown on this page, see: Working with Templates . To have custom effects for galleries, you may need to install a NextGEN Gallery extension plugin (we do not provide support for third-party plugins). Other effects are built-in or created by you.


NextGEN Gallery will automatically create a directory in /wp-content called ngg_styles and a css file for you called nggallery.css . The full URL to the stylesheet would be /wp-content/ngg_styles/nggallery.css

  • To edit the CSS stylesheet, go to your WordPress dashboard >> Gallery > Other Options > Styles, there you can edit and save your CSS without having to use FTP.
  • After saving changes to the stylesheet, you may need to clear your browser cache to see the update on your site galleries. If you have a caching plugin installed, you may need to clear its cache as well.

* If for some reason the ngg_styles directory was not created for you, create a folder directly under wp-content, and name it ngg_styles, then create a stylesheet named nggallery.css and include this at the top of the stylesheet:

CSS Name: Default Styles
Description: NextGEN Default Gallery Stylesheet
Author: Imagely
Version: 2.13

This stylesheet is provided to allow users the ability of overriding the default styles for all display types

More ways to customize with CSS can be found in this help guide: How do I change the CSS of NextGEN Gallery?

*Customizing with CSS is a lot easier than PHP if you're not familiar with coding. Modifying the plugin by editing the code directly is not supported.

Some resources on learning CSS can be found here:



Beyond customizing galleries via Custom CSS (which is by far easier if you're not familiar with coding), there are other customization's you can apply to your NextGEN Galleries using PHP.

  • Make a copy of the file called gallery.php located here: /wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery/products/photocrati_nextgen/modules/ngglegacy/view [or download file here]
  • Make a new folder called nggallery in your theme folder: /wp-content/themes/[theme you have activated]/nggallery
  • Place your copy of the file called gallery.php here
  • Rename "gallery.php" to "gallery-templatename.php"
  • To use, use this shortcode: [ nggallery id=1 template=templatename ] (remove the spaces between brackets when adding it to your page or post)

Please, keep in mind that these Galleries templates are difficult to maintain and we do not provide support on custom code.



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