Introducing NextGEN PlusWe are happy to share that a new product has come to the NextGEN Gallery family.  One of the most popular features requests for NextGEN Gallery was the ability to sell images.  So we just released an update to NextGEN Pro which includes its own Ecommerce capability.  That came with a price bump as well, but we know that some customers were purchasing NextGEN Pro for the premium support and enhanced gallery styles.  Not all customers want Ecommerce.

That is why we have also released NextGEN Plus.  In summary, NextGEN Plus is identical to NextGEN Pro, but without Ecommerce.  NextGEN Plus is also prices at the same $39 a year which NextGEN Pro was prior to Ecommerce.  So NextGEN Plus is priced at $39 a year whereas NextGEN Pro is now $99 a year due to Ecommerce and what else we have planned for it.

If you are already a NextGEN Pro customer you have the option to install NextGEN Pro or NextGEN Plus.  So if you do not want Ecommerce then simply delete NextGEN Pro and install NextGEN Plus.  You will not see any changes to your galleries. Activating Plus will deactivate Pro and vice versa. If you purchased NextGEN Pro at $39, you're grandfathered in so your price will not go up! New NextGEN Plus customers only have access to NextGEN Plus, not NextGEN Pro. As always, if you would like to see features added to NextGEN Pro for Ecommerce or NextGEN Plus, please submit and vote for features here.

We hope you enjoy the new NextGEN Plus,


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