If you have not already set up Microsoft Clarity now at the time to do so.

If you've ever heard of heatmaps or click tracking or visitor recording, that's exactly what Microsoft Clarity is.

Clarity is a user behavior analytics tool that helps you understand how users are interacting with your website through features such as session replays and heatmaps.

Sure, there are paid services, like Crazy Egg that offer this sort of service, but Microsoft just released Clarity, which is completely free and offers all of that insight.

Once you have Microsoft Clarity set up, and data has accumulating, you'll see a nice dashboard, giving you an overview of your stats for the past three days.

And then as you accumulate more data, you can filter and extend that time range to see different data.

Then, you have the recording tab, which literally is a recording of your site. Or visitors interaction, on either a desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

Clarity will redact some information, like contact form text, passwords, and even what video is playing. Clarity is GDPR compliant as a data controller for visitors to their site and processor for the data gathered by the Clarity script on your site.

The Click Tracking tab will show you, on specific pages, what links, buttons or images are being clicked.

Scroll tracking is coming soon, but you will be able to see how far people are scrolling so you know if there is unnecessary content.

Again, Clarity is completely free, at least right now, so check it out today. And if you subscribe to the WordPress Photography Podcast, then you're going to want to see episode 119. We will be talking about Microsoft clarity and how to use it to improve your photography sites, conversion rate.

If you feel comfortable adding javascript in the header of your photography site, sign up and embed your script to get started. Otherwise, try the official Microsoft Clarity plugin for WordPress.

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