Many NextGEN Gallery users are asking how to display their galleries full width. Today I am going to share a video how to go about it.

NextGEN Gallery and NextGEN Pro galleries are responsive and will shrink depending on your screen size. You can set certain gallery styles to 100% width (like a slideshow) and it will fill the content area.

Take a look:

As you can see, to get a full with gallery your WordPress theme must offer a 100% full width content area. However, the Pro Lightbox is 100% browser width on both desktop and mobile.

Need further assistance? Visit our documentation and/or NextGEN Pro members can contact support.

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  1. Hy

    Is it possible to take the Pro Lightbox on mobile and the “normal” lightbox on desktop?

    Thank you and best regards


  2. Hi,
    Can I have a full width masonry image gallery?
    Thanks in advance,

    1. Pro Masonry is more difficult to get full width, but if you use Pro Mosaic then you can get full width (as long as your theme offers a content area that’s full width).

      1. And once the visitors scroll down to end of page, can I make it load new gallery or portfolio items automatically?

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