imagely-questions-answersWe're unsure if this is the start of a new series on the blog or just something we will do here and there. (catch the first Q&A here on our themes)

But today we are going to be answering some questions that come in through social media and email.

The questions are all related to Imagely products, like hosting, themes and plugins.

If you have general WordPress questions, we'd love it if you would submit those to the podcast here.

How much bandwidth and visitors a professional photographer would need? And is that monthly?

We built our plans based on data from thousands and thousands of photographers, with businesses of all sizes.  Bandwidth consist of a variety of things, like physical traffic, use of images externally, RSS feed usage and much more.  But the average photographer won’t come close to the 100GB bandwidth.

The average photographer only needs our lowest plan at $24.95 a month.  Hosting can be paid annually, but there’s no discount on paying annually. We do offer a 30-day refund policy, which is essentially a trial period. Just in case you’re not happy with the service.

The bandwidth and visitors, etc. literally , in each hosting plan restart every month, even if you pay annually. That means if you're on the lowest plan you get 100GB of bandwidth every month.

How is the SEO? And do they also build websites for you or are they templates?

Imagely themes are built on the Genesis Framework , which means they're Genesis Child Themes, which means that the themes require Genesis to function. Genesis is the most solid theme available and is also the most optimized for search engines. All of that basically means that Imagely themes are already well optimized for search engines.

You can learn more about Genesis in these articles:

You can also extend the SEO by using the Yoast SEO plugin, which we recommend for precision in content optimization. You should also consider using a tool like JPEGMini for offline optimization of your images.

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