The Ultimate List of Genesis Child Themes

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Genesis is, by far, the most popular theme framework for WordPress. At Imagely, we're proud to build on Genesis, and to push the photography industry to adopt Genesis as its own industry standard.

One of the great things about the Genesis ecosystem is the awesome diversity and beauty of Genesis child themes available. While there are round ups of Genesis child theme here and there, there's no place to get a quick overview of the full range of available themes. View Table of Contents


Genesis Child Themes

Enter our new Ultimate List of 550+ Genesis Child Themes. This is intended to be a comprehensive list of available child themes, including any themes from established and reputable providers. We've organized the list by provider, and for each provider have included all their available themes.


We'll update this list a couple of times per year in the future to ensure it stays up to date. We're also looking at introducing various filtering mechanisms as the list gets larger (which we hope it does).


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StudioPress Genesis Child Themes

StudioPress is the company who makes the Genesis Framework. Their themes are beautiful and all with a single purpose. They have designs ranging from blogging to restaurants, florists to real estate, education to magazines and much more. Every StudioPress theme is sold individually, or you can get them all in a bundle.


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Themedy Genesis Child Themes

Themedy has numerous child themes that sit between genre and functions. What we mean by that is Themedy has standard theme designs and then themes that have a purpose, like a placeholder with a countdown timer. Their themes come with PSD files for customization of specific elements and plugins which add functionality beyond what the themes offer.


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Elegance doesn't say it well enough. ZigZagPress child themes are quite beautiful, modern and refreshing. Between the designs and the animations, ZigZagPress has a premium suite of incredible designs.


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Restored 316

Often though of as feminine designs, Restored 316 themes are light, playful and so much fun. They're developed with the highest standards in mind and can fit a wide range of website genres.


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Web Savvy

Developed by people who know SEO inside and out, Web Savvy's child themes are fast, efficient, and have a purpose. Each theme is developed with a specific genre in mind, like insurance or accounting.


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Lean Themes

Lean Themes are created by the same people who brought to the community. They don't have many themes, but the themes they offer are beautiful and blazing fast.


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Bylt by SPYR

The Bylt store curates and sells themes from multiple developers, but they also have two flagships themes which are well optimized. Tru is a true minimal theme with elegance.


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The Pixelista

The Pixelista themes are comprised of quality coding and design architecture, ensuring that your website will look great and perform excellently.


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Appfinite builds themes with specific goals in mind. To sell products or services. Each of their themes are well thought out and have the intention of converting visits to leads and leads to sales.


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Claro Themes

Claro Themes might only consist of two themes, but they sure are beautiful.


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Jan Hoek

Jan only has a couple themes, but as an individual developing themes, he has done some amazing work.


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GenesisPassion Themes

There are numerous GenesisPassion Themes available, and each has a specific look which separates itself from the others. The themes take advantage of the many design trends currently in theme design.


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Oh, Hello Designs

Oh, Hello Designs has a stunning collection of feminine theme designs. All of which are well coded, handfully crafted and have "that look" which many women desire.


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Calvin Koepke

Calvin is a front end designer for Rainmaker Digital, the company who created StudioPress & the Genesis framework. Calvin offers a variety of free themes, which are available by signing up for a free account on his website.


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Minimal Genesis

Minimal Genesis theme are lean, clean, website optimization machines. Each theme has a goal of simplicity for users to use, and in displaying their content.


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Genesis Developer

Each theme made bv Genesis Developer contains settings for various tasks. Things like Ecommerce with WooCommerce and widgets and color schemes.


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Simple PRO Themes

Simple Pro Themes offer two themes. However, they are more than meets the eye. Each theme contains an immense amount of options for customization. In addition, one of the themes is WooCommerce and Beaver Builder ready!


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Beautiful. Clean. Responsive. That's the motto over at Their themes live up to that statement.


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Pretty Darn Cute

Lindsey started designing themes for clients and her custom work turned into a collection of beautiful WordPress themes.


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Binary Turf

These themes are designed for flexibility, and one of which is made for designing landing page.


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Feast Design Co

As you might imagine, Feast Design Co themes are designed for restaurants and food bloggers.


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Born out of client needs, these themes are simple but packed with quality.


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If you podcast and want to use Genesis, then check out these themes. Each is made for podcasts and have unique designs.


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We Heart Pixels

There is only one theme currently available from this company, however, the theme includes styling for many third-party plugins.


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Carrie Dils

Utility Pro is a fantastic and well-optimized child theme for Genesis designed by Carrie Dils. Carrie also offers Genesis education on


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Envy Pro is a theme that marries WooCommerce and Genesis, perfectly together.


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Viva La Violet

A suite of feminine themes for WordPress. Suitable for many genres and niches, but designed specifically for feminine styled websites.


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Riot Customs

Beautiful themes designed from custom work for clients.


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Creative Market

Creative Market is a theme shop where you can buy themes from many designers and developers. There are hundreds of Genesis based themes available there.


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Cobalt Apps

Their Dynamik Website Builder consists of a Genesis theme and plugin. It allows advanced customization of nearly any aspect of a website. There are also numerous predesigned Skins to use with the builder.


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We receive referral/affiliate commissions for some of the child themes included on this page.

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