story-first-bloggingOur friend, and WordPress Photography Podcast co-host, Rachel Conley has launched a new product series called Story First Blogging.

Rachel takes the same story blogging approach that she offers for photographers through FotoSkribe, except it's a DIY system.

At FotoSkribe you are hiring Rachel and her team to create the blog content for you, based on your new session or event and photographs. At Story First Blogging you're using templates made by Rachel, and used at FotoSkribe, but on your own terms and with your own twists and turns.

If you are ever in a blogging rut, having writers block or just don't have the time or energy to blog, then Story First Blogging is for you.

Because with Story First Blogging you're using the templates as needed and it's helping you to create the blog content you've never been able to pull from your mind otherwise.

Rachel has a lot in store for Story First Blogging, but she already has a bunch of templates available for purchase.

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