We are in this together, so share your story with the community

All over the world people are locked down, in their homes, keeping themselves distant from others.

In most cases, as it should be, we are only near our family members or roommates. People that live in the same home as ours.

Since we are in this together, fighting the invisible war, we thought it would be a nice thing to get out some of our feelings about the situation.

So think of this as a mindfulness project. A way for you to journal what is going on in your world right now. So that you can get it out, share it with others, and prove that you are not alone. It can be therapeutic.

If you are sick from COVID-19 and want to share how you're doing, we would like to hear it as well. Of course, we hope you have a good recovery!

To get the ball rolling, here are some from Imagely team members.

If you would like to participate please comment below.

If you want to roll with this idea, but not share it publicly, open a notepad, or text editor, and start writing. You can always delete, shred, or throw away when you're done.


My days are far from normal. My wife and I wake up to super our nearly 2-year-old wanting to get out of his crib. She feeds him, snuggles him and I grab coffee and get an hour or so work done. Our 5-year-old is a lot more independent, so she watches school lessons, does activies and crafts, plays with toys and keeps busy.

While working at Imagely has provided me flexibility, my wife is a public school teacher, so her schedule is still fairly normal. So she has to log on to her TWO Chromebooks by 8am every day, take class attendence, and start teaching through Google Meet sessions, Google Classroom lessons and a bunch of other things.

Around lunch she watches the kids so I can keep working. She puts our almost 2-year-old down for his nap and we both get even more work done, with a bit of quiet.

I am also working between two computers, an iMac when in my office and a Chromebook when moving around the house.

That's our new normal right now.

Except we try to squeeze in excercise through walks, bike rides, runs and dance. We also have meetings to squeeze in, so that breaks up the new normal here and there. In fact, as I write this we both have meetings to figure out. Hers is at 12 and mine at 12:30.

Before this, our older child was going to school and our younger child had at-home child care. Obviously that has stopped at the moment.

Life is pretty hectic at the moment, and it can be overwhelming at times. But I know I'm not alone in this.

Scott Wyden Kivowitz, Chief Community Officer at Imagely

Gaby Pérez

My routine didn't change much, but we don't see our friends during the weekends … Or for a quick chat and coffee. My son is now getting used to do everything online, and we are giving him some tips… Mom is watching the mass online every day on the living room; my brother now has more time to chat with us … Yesterday my mom tried to see a live concert of a cousin … But my son let her know that it wasn't live, it was from Monday. She was so confused and keep repeating "but it says live."

Gaby Pérez, Customer Support at Imagely


Having my wife working at home has made the day much easier to deal with since now I have somebody to have coffee and chat with. Before the lockdown, my kids were at school for most of the day, so I was pretty much on my own. Funny thing is, the kids and I already have a system in place for the chores and food times (quite different from what we have for the weekends when we were all at home) and my wife does not like it and struggles to fit in. So in general it has been the same as when my kids have vacations but with an "intruder" during weekdays lol. We still spend time together the same as before, almost mandatory family dinner, playing videogames and board games, watching movies or just chilling in the living room. We only miss family trips we normally do to the grandparents and other relatives, but we are positive and hope things will get better.

Jaime Segura, Customer Support at Imagely

roger stringer

The biggest change for me is not seeing my daughter as she is at her mom’s and they’re doing their quarantine thing there so it’s just me and the cat, normally I’d see her almost every day and we FaceTime and message but that’s not quite the same.

Roger Stringer, Systems Administrator at Imagely


I had an odd coincidence during this quarantine period. My mom lives in another state and so, I don't get to see her a lot, maybe a couple of weeks a year which is kinda tough. She came in to visit and to my son's birthday but as soon as I was going to find her a flight ticket so she could get back to her home, virus reached my country, all flights were cancelled, roads closed, etc. So she is kinda stuck here with me, which I kinda enjoy. Tough part is that my dad is alone waiting on her to go back. Since she was supposed to stay here only for a couple of weeks, it was ok. Been over a month now and the poor guy is all alone by himself there.

Alejandro Hayling, Customer Support at Imagely

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  1. I know for me, I’m really enjoying this quiet chilled out approach. I’m usually always rushing around and it nice to take a step back and have some time for learning and growth. Obviously the pandemic is heart-breaking, but there definitely can be some good taken from it.

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