So you want a WordPress photography blog? Then you're in the right place.

You see, the idea that WordPress is only for blogging, is incorrect. However, the roots of WordPress is blogging. The software was originally created for that sole purpose. But years later it has evolved into the most powerful and flexible content management system. You can now run an entire website and application from a WordPress website.

But you're here to learn about WordPress photography blogging. So let's dig into that a bit.

The first step to creating a WordPress photography blog is to pick a host. We recommend a Managed WordPress Hosting platform, of course.

Once you sign up, within minutes you have a fully created photography website. And you can change to any of our themes with a few clicks.

In fact, Journal is one of an ideal photo blogging themes around, as is Gridly.

Both allow you to put blog content in the foreground. But offer flexible design to load nice on all devices.

Install the WordPress app for iOS or Android. The reason is that by connecting your site to the WordPress app you can use the mobile applications to blog offline and remotely.

If you want to "go crazy" you could even install Soliloquy, Intagrate, or Spotlight, to create a beautiful, automatically-updated photo gallery with your Instagram posts in seconds.

WordPress Photo Blogging

The key to photo blogging in WordPress is to not overthink it. Especially if you're doing it for fun. Go with the flow. Have fun with it.

But if you're doing it for business, come up with a strategy. Make an editorial calendar. Think it through and push hard to accomplish goals.

Supercharge Your Photography Website

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What are you waiting for?

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  1. The editorial calender is a good thing, but how to stick with the plan, is another thing 🙂

  2. I’m using Jetpack for a painter’s site on a Genesis theme, to display photos of paintings in the Jetpack gallery, but I’m not very happy with it. Maybe the Gridly theme would help? Is it possible to buy it separately, not in a bundle with all the themes? Although it could be that what I really need is one of the NextGen Gallery plugins… any recommendations for the configuration best adapted to a site that showcases paintings? Everything here seems overkill.

  3. This are fantastic advices I did not know anything about Jetpack or intagrate. One thing that make me overthink is the suggestion of 600 words.

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