YouTube Photography Channels You Should Subscribe To, And Why

We have previously talked about 18 photography newsletters worth subscribing to. We hope that you considered them. This time we want to share some YouTube photography channels that we recommend you subscribe to. Like before, we won't just share the channels, but instead, share our reasoning behind it.

This is a fun article because we get to further help photographers learn more about the art, the business and so much more. So many of us are visual learners, so what a better way than to binge-watch incredible video content on YouTube.

Fun fact - did you know that YouTube is the second most popular search engine just under Google? That's right! It means Google owns the two most popular search engines.

The list below will link to you to YouTube channels which we recommend photographers subscribing to. Each will contain our reasoning for recommending them. We hope you will subscribe just as you do our own where you can receive WordPress advice, and podcast episodes.

  1. Aputure goes beyond just demonstrating their lights. They offer unique and high-quality video lighting tutorials
  2. Moment might make mobile lenses, but their video content is top quality and extremely educational and a lot of fun.
  3. Ben Hartley is a photographer and educator who has a way of inspiring everyone. He has a way with words.
  4. f64 Academy is from our friend Blake Rudis. Blake shares endless amounts of Photoshop tutorials that are easy to follow along and digest.
  5. Corey Potter (Bonus Fuel Your Photos) is a friend of ours and an SEO expert. His personal channel goes beyond the scenes of his business while FYP shares extremely informative SEO content.
  6. Mango Street are a couple whom we enjoy watching teach. Their content is artistic and educational.
  7. Peter McKinnon is someone you probably already know and subscribe to. But if not, please do now. Peter is someone constantly striving for excellence with his videos. Learn and enjoy.
  8. Phillip & Eileen Blume are a beautiful couple whose passion for educating other photographers shine through every piece they publish.
  9. Scott Wyden Kivowitz (hey that's me) shares photography tips, reviews, and a look behind the scenes of a busy content creator.
  10. Mastin Labs creates the go-to film replications for Lightroom, but also publish very educational content on many topics in photography.
  11. Photofocus is a site you've likely heard of already, and their channel builds on their blog content with tutorials on software, lighting and more.
  12. Photographer's Adventure Club is from our friend Nick out of Arizona. The PAC channel shares tutorials, reviews and has a regular show with a few hosts.
  13. PhotoJoseph has been doing daily live streaming and video publishing for years. His content is always packed with education so it's one you won't want to miss.
  14. Sean Tucker creates stunning imagery, and his channel goes behind the scenes of much of it.
  15. Tamara Lackey (Bonus ReDefine Show) is one of our ambassadors, and she creates such incredible videos that we had to share her channel. Her ReDefine Show is sponsored by Adorama, so those videos are hosted on their channel.
  16. The Art of Photography is one that goes beyond tutorials and reviews. Ted Forbes has an amazing series with a look at the history, present, and future of many of the great photographers.
  17. The LawTog from our friend Rachel Brenke is one that every photographer should be viewing. Rachel shares incredible legal advice. But know that she is not your lawyer unless you hire her. So always have her advice cross-checked for your location
  18. Togs in Business is one to subscribe to if you want a variety of business advice in the many genres of photography.

Don't forget to subscribe to our channel as well!

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