If you have been following the "Your Photography Business Needs" series then you might really in the Social Proof article that we talk about the people you photograph.

Today we want to stress the point that your photography website and your photography marketing materials need testimonials.

Think of this as an expansion of social proof.

In the video below, I share how to get testimonials and where to display them in your marketing offline and online.

Testimonials are word of mouth and still, one of the best ways to get business. Here are the items mentioned in the video.

  1. Create a testimonials page, use the quote block, or add screenshots of reviews, or embed Facebook reviews. This can be done in Elementor as well.
  2. Include at least one testimonial on every important page on your photography site.
  3. Put your testimonials as text blurbs and images to share on social media
  4. Include testimonials in your physical and PDF marketing materials
  5. Use your photos of your clients with every testimonial whenever possible
  6. Include testimonials in your email marketing series
  7. Include a link to your testimonials in your email signature

Here is the bonus WordPress plugin I mentioned, WP Business Reviews.

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  1. Being present in the photography business, I really agree with that. Our clients are the engine of our business. Whatever they’ll say, we can learn from them. Also, it’s so good to feel when your clients appreciate your works!

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