Social proof can be broken down into a bunch of things. Things like:

  • Logos from clients
  • Quotes with headshots from clients
  • Social share counts
  • Social follower counts
  • Logos from sponsors

There are more of course, but those are some of the most common, and most popular types of social proof.

Your clients can do the marketing for you, and that is what social proof is all about. Utilize what your clients love about you, on your site, and in your online and offline marketing efforts.

Something as basic as a testimonial from a client can increase your visitor to lead conversion rate by over 70%. Which of course should make testimonials essential for your photography website.

You can gather testimonials by using a contact form, sending an email asking for a reply or by importing testimonials from other channels.

The plugin WP Business Reviews is fantastic at importing from Google, Yelp, Facebook and even Yellow Pages.

You can import the testimonials to your site, and then choose which you want to share wherever you want with basic shortcodes.

The plugin Social Warfare is fantastic at including social counts on shares, even when social channels like Twitter remove counts from their native buttons. Scriptless Social Sharing is another great sharing plugin.

There are countless plugins and tools to help spruce up the social proof on your website. Figure out what you want to show, then search for that on Google or in the WordPress plugin directory.

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