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Managing Albums in the Dashboard

Do you need to easily edit, organize, or create new albums without accessing the page builder? The Manage Albums section of NextGEN Gallery makes it easier than ever to handle all of your albums

To access the Manage Albums section from your WordPress dashboard just go to NextGEN Gallery > Manage Albums.

access manage albums

After you access the Albums section you'll be able to select an existing album to edit or create a new album by adding an album name to the Add new album field and clicking the Add button.

Editing an Album

After you've created a new album, or if you already have an album created, and want to edit the album then you'll just need to click the Edit Album button that appears after selecting the album.

Accessing and Managing Image Albums on WordPress Site Step 4 1

A pop-up window will appear that lets you edit some details about your album like:

Accessing and Managing Image Albums on WordPress Site Step 5

Adding and removing galleries inside your album

After selecting the album you'd like to manage you can also add or remove the galleries in the album by quickly dragging and dropping the galleries from the Select Gallery section to the Album ID section.

When you're done all you need to do to save the changes is click the Update button at the top.

drag and drop galleries into an album

You can also create more advanced albums by adding an album within an album. Note: Please do not add the same album inside your album.

drag and drop albums into an album

That's it! Now you're ready to start managing your albums directly from the WordPress dashboard! 🙂

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