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Manage Albums

Albums are collections of Galleries. Manage your Albums from your WordPress dashboard.
Go to Gallery > Manage Albums.

Albums save

You will have access to the list of your Albums and some actions that you can apply to them.

How to create a new Album?

Include the album name next to the label "Add new album" and then click on the "Add" button.

Create Album button, add

Your album will be available in the "Select Album" drop-down menu.

Select album drop down

Editing your album

Albums are a group of galleries, so please, take into consideration that you need some Galleries before trying to create your albums. Albums are usually used to create parent categories. For example, if our Album name is "Portraits," perhaps that album will contain the galleries: Children and Couples.

Edit Album name and description

Click on the "Edit album" if you want to change, or adjust that album title and description.

Edit album button

  1. Album name: Edit the Album name, that title will be used in album displays like Compact Album, Extended Album, NextGEN Pro List Album, and NextGEN Pro Grid Album.
  2. Album description: Change or adjust album description; visible in album displays like Extended Album, and NextGEN Pro List Album.
  3. Select a preview image: You can adjust the preview thumbnail for your album.
  4. Page link to: You can redirect the visitor to another page on your site by clicking on the album (clicking on the album thumbnail in the album).

Edit album Detail

Adding and removing galleries inside your album

  1. Select the Album you want to edit.
  2. Drag and drop the galleries that you want to include.
  3. Click on the "Update" button to save the structure of your album.

Drag and drop galleries

Update button Manage Albums

Show all the available Galleries

By default, our Manage album will show the galleries that are not linked with any album. Nevertheless, you can link any gallery to your album. Use the "Show all" link to see all the available galleries in NextGEN Gallery.

Show all galleries

Albums within albums

You can create more advanced structures by adding an album within an album. Note: Please do not add the same album inside your album (you shouldn't add Portraits within Portraits).

Sub Categories


Sorting Galleries inside your Albums

You can also sort your galleries inside your albums.

  1. Go to: Manage Albums > select the album that you want to edit.
  2. Arrange the gallery order (drag and drop) and save that order by clicking on the "Update" button.

Sort and Update

For more information about how to add an album inside your blog post or page, please visit this link:
If you have further questions about creating an album or a gallery, please read this article: Albums vs Galleries

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