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Minimum Resolutions for Prints

The following table is the minimum resolution allowed for prints sent from NextGEN Pro to WHCC (White House Custom Colour).  These minimums are lower than what WHCC recommends, so it's always good for quality if you go larger. At the same time, these minimums are also just a bit higher than the industry standard from other software with automated print fulfillment.

Print Size (Inches) DPI Minimum Image Size
8 up wallets 150 375x525
4x6 150 600x900
5x5 150 750x750
5x7 150 750x1050
8x10 125 1000x1250
8x12 125 1000x1500
11x14 100 1100x1400
16x20 100 1600x2000
16x24 75 1200x1800
20x30 75 1500x2250
24x30 75 1800x2250
24x36 75 1800x2700
30x40 75 2250x3000
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