Printlab requires an incoming (PayPal &/or Stripe) account setup, and an outgoing (Credit Card) account setup. The incoming will be the payments you receive from your customers, and the outgoing will be the credit card WHCC will charge for the cost [to you] for the prints.


When your customer submits an order from your checkout page, the following takes place:

1) The order is sent to us where we run through a process of steps to fulfill the order.

2) The order is segmented into shipments as dictated by WHCC's drop-shipping specifications and the shipments are submitted to WHCC using their API.

3) WHCC provides us with an invoice for the cost of goods.

4) We will bill your credit card that you setup under Ecommerce > Ecommerce Options > PrintLab Integration.

5) WHCC bills us for the cost of goods. We covered our cost in the step above.

6) You will receive an e-mail informing whether their order was sent to WHCC successfully or not.


Navigate to Ecommerce > Ecommerce Options, scroll down the General Options list and fill in each field. Your studio information is required for Printlab checkout. Your country, city and state are used to calculate shipping and verify your information to WHCC.


This is where you will receive the payment from your customer. You can offer one or both payment options.

Use sandbox? - this feature will help you test the checkout process without actually processing a live payment. Don't forget to set this to 'No' after you test the checkout process.



If you haven't yet purchased an SSL certificate from your hosting provider (optional), you will see this reminder at the top of your Payment Gateway settings.

"We've detected that your site does not have SSL enabled. While your site will function without SSL, we would not recommend it. SSL will make your site and checkout page more secure. It will improve your SEO and search results. And it will remove the 'insecure' marker that Google Chrome now shows in the browser for all sites without SSL. For all those reasons, we'd recommend SSL for your site, especially if you plan to sell products to others."

Installing an SSL Certificate is optional. Your customer purchases and payments to WHCC will continue to work without one installed.

* Some hosting accounts will offer SSL certificates for free. Contact your hosting provider to see if SSL is included in your hosting package.


For stripe you'll need a public key and a private key. More information on stripe setup can be found on their website here, including signup instructions: Stripe - Getting Started and then grab your Stripe API Key. Stripe does not provide a sandbox option within our settings. If you want to test the checkout process you will need to set this up manually following the instructions on their website: Stripe-Testing.

*Global options for Stripe, see:



If you do not have an SSL Certificate installed to your site (you have http as part of your domain name), customers will not be redirected to the 'Thank You' confirmation page and your Ecommerce > View Orders will list the [PayPal] purchase as Fraud or Unverified. Please note that the orders go through, you will get paid and receive an order notification from PayPal, but WordPress will not be able to verify and send you or your customer a notification of the purchase. If you're using PrintLab Integration, WHCC will not receive the order until you can verify the PayPal payment was received. When you have confirmed you received payment navigate back to your WordPress Dashboard > Ecommerce > View Orders, select the order listed and under 'Bulk Actions' select 'Mark as Paid'. The Order Status will update to 'processing'  and update to 'Submitted' when WHCC has received the print order.

When you install an SSL certificate you shouldn't have to follow this process. When your domain name lists https in your site URL, PayPal payments will be verified and WordPress will submit the order to WHCC automatically. Again, without https, you will have to manually submit to WHCC.

PayPal Express Checkout

A faster way to checkout with PayPal, learn how to create a PayPal Express account: PayPal - Express Checkout

See important note about PayPal payments on http above^.

PayPal Standard

The most popular, easy way to sign up and get started with taking online payments. After creating a PayPal Business account, all you need is your PayPal email address.

Learn how to create a PayPal standard account: PayPal - Getting Started

See important note about PayPal payments on http above^.

Enable Checks

If you prefer to be paid in person, or receive a check and not process credit cards on your site, you will need to return back to your WordPress dashboard and submit your order to WHCC manually. Navigate to Ecommerce > View Orders > select the order and under 'Bulk Actions' select 'Mark as Paid'.


We recommend entering a credit card for WHCC that can be charged to anytime, after a customer makes a purchase from your site. Make note to your calendar or wherever you receive reminders, to update your credit card information when your credit card expires. After your customer submits their payment you will receive (incoming) the total amount charged to them - to your PayPal or Stripe account. Their order will be processed through us and submitted to WHCC. The total cost charged to your credit card (outgoing) will be the 'COST' listed when you add a print option in your pricelist. The profit you keep will depend on the price you list for your customers.



The cost of shipping is set in your pricelists under Ecommerce > Manage Pricelists. You can set it by 'Flat Rate' or 'Percentage'. You can have a different shipping rate per pricelist.

*International Shipping

Under Ecommerce > Options, scroll down to the bottom of the list and you'll see two options: Allow International shipping for manual-fulfilled items and Allow Automated Print Lab Shipments Outside US and Canada. Selecting this option will allow others outside your country (manual-fulfilled) and outside US (automated shipment by WHCC) to purchase your prints.

WHCC will fulfill your automated print lab orders. WHCC is based in the US and will provide a shipping cost estimate at the time of checkout. If you want to allow shipments outside US/Canada, you will need to turn this option on and configure the settings below. They'll be used to charge for shipping when users order prints. WHCC will then charge you (through us) separately for the cost of shipping.



Under Ecommerce > Ecommerce Options you can enable sales tax (optional). We use an api from taxjar that will calculate the total tax from your studio zip code and the customers zip code. You must have your studio information filled in under Ecommerce > Ecommerce Options.

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