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How to Open Galleries Direct to Pro Lightbox

Opening up a gallery in an album by default opens the gallery first on the page or to a new page as a collection of thumbnails or a slideshow. You can click on those thumbnails and open to a lightbox. With this feature of opening directly to our Pro Lightbox, we have removed the gallery display on page. Follow the steps below to set up your galleries in an album to open immediately to the Pro Lightbox:

Before you continue below, build your album first.

Select Your Album

1) Follow the steps below to access our Add Gallery Window.


As of WordPress v5.0 you will need to install the Classic Editor plugin to continue editing your posts and pages the way you have been used to.

The Add Gallery Window is accessed by hovering over the (+) symbol and select the NextGEN Gallery 'Add Gallery' icon to the right as shown in this screenshot below.

Or click on the (+) symbol and select the NextGEN Gallery block under 'Common Blocks' as shown in this screenshot below (or searching for 'NextGEN Gallery' above the list):

2) A window will pop up, and under 'Display Galleries' > 'Select a display type' > select 'Pro Grid' or 'Pro List' Album.


Customize the display settings

Under the 'Customize the display settings' tab, select 'Yes' next to 'Open gallery in Pro Lightbox':


See example of this feature:

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