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NextGEN Pro now contains an ecommerce system where your customers can purchase print products and automated digital downloads.

The digital download feature has an option to display a license agreement. It will actually display a link to read the license agreement on a page that you specify in NextGEN Pro's ecommerce settings.

To help photographers create a license for their photographs we decided to partner with The Law Tog, Rachel Brenke. Rachel is a photographer with a law degree, and on her website, she offers legal advice in addition to contracts and other documents that you can purchase and customize.

So if you are unable to hire a lawyer to create a custom license agreement for your new digital downloads then definitely check out Rachel's products.


In particular, her stock photography bundle and her print release.

The stock seller agreement is between the seller of stock photography with the website who is selling the photography for them.

Buy the stock agreement bundle

The stock buyer agreement is between the buyer and the stock photography site.

The print release form identifies the do’s and do nots that the client can do with your images. This gives the client the permission to print only and not for commercial or other uses.

Buy the print release form

So in theory, between these products you have the chance to customize agreements for both commercial and personal usage of digital downloads.

Of course, if you need something customized further please don't hesitate to contact Rachel. Or if you are already working with a lawyer be sure to contact him/her.

Oh and don't miss out on her NextGEN Gallery review!

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