How To Sell Images With Usage Licenses

How To Sell Images With Usage LicensesWith NextGEN Pro you can sell images with usage licenses. That means you can specify any terms you want for the digital downloads.

For example, if you want to sell your image with a person usage license only, then you can purchase a license template or draft one yourself. Once ready, you can create a license page and turn on "display link to license terms"

If you want to sell your image with a commercial license you can follow the same steps to make that happen.

In fact, you can include multiple license options in one Pricelist, and then place each license terms on your designated license page.

Or if you want to sell some images using one license and another license for other images then that is possible well.

To do that, create multiple Pricelists, one containing only personal licenses and the other containing only commercial licensing. Then designate a license terms page for each Pricelist.

Once complete, go to your gallery in Manage Galleries and you have the ability to set the default Pricelist but then change which Pricelist is used per image (if you want to change it of course)=

So as you can see there are many ways to sell your images with usage licenses.

Sell Images With Licenses

If you're wondering why you would use a license in the first place, think about this...

Someone comes to your website and wants to download an image you have created and published in your gallery.

You allow access to the digital download but have no license terms. That means that the end user might think that he/she has unlimited usage of the image with no limits whatsoever.

Now likely that's not the situation - at least in your mind. But without that being clearly stated then it's a guessing game for people.

So identifying the usage terms for selling your images is important for you and your customers to get rid of confusion.  Even if your usage is Creative Commons.

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