Caverns of Rare Device!

For millions of years, shells of sea creatures collect on the floor of primitive oceans and eventually compact into rock-like limestone. Magnesium converts some of the limestones to slate-colored dolomite. Eons pass and somewhere, violent seismic activity pushes up the ocean floor. If the push is somewhat gentle, only the hills rise above the sea forming dramatic landscapes seen in countries like China, Vietnam, and New Zealand. A famous example is the Ha Long Bay in Vietnam.

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Episode 122 – Welcome to the Clubhouse

Clubhouse is an audio-only social media app, and one that's currently only for iOS but Android in the works. Since its launch, photographers are swarming to Clubhouse. Is Clubhouse for photographers? In this short episode, I talk about what photographers should expect on Clubhouse, and share my opinion on whether I believe photographer should be spending their time at Clubhouse.

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What is Lazy Loading & How to Add it to Your Photography Site

Speeding up your site can make a huge difference in user experience and conversions, but making a media-rich site load quickly can be a challenge. This is where lazy loading comes in. Learning how lazy loading works and how to add it to your site can make a huge difference, but it’s remarkably easy to do.

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