The Story of the Tapatios

Visitors to Mexico invariably flock to its capital Mexico City, often forsaking all others. They come to this mega-polis of some 22 million souls to savor Mexico fully. Truly, there is much to see, experience, and taste and to marvel at. Even the birth of this city is really fascinating.

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Caverns of Rare Device!

For millions of years, shells of sea creatures collect on the floor of primitive oceans and eventually compact into rock-like limestone. Magnesium converts some of the limestones to slate-colored dolomite. Eons pass and somewhere, violent seismic activity pushes up the ocean floor. If the push is somewhat gentle, only the hills rise above the sea forming dramatic landscapes seen in countries like China, Vietnam, and New Zealand. A famous example is the Ha Long Bay in Vietnam.

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The Strait of Bosporus

The Bosporus Strait is 19 miles long and more than a mile wide. So, a boat ride on it is a great way to view the structural opulence of the East and the splendor of the West that line the Asian and the European shores of this wonderful continent-spanning city.

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Malacca – The Cradle of Malaysia

The population of Malacca today is roughly two-thirds Malay and one-third Chinese with a small (6%) of Indians thrown in. So is the population distribution of all of Malaysia. The entire country appears to have used the Malaccan template to share cultures, live in harmony, and promote trade commerce and tourism. Therefore, Malacca deserves to be called the cradle of Malaysia.

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Crocs of Cambodia!

And The River Flows Backwards! Along the spine of the Kingdom of Cambodia runs an unique water system that stretches from North East to South West, from the old Khmer…

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The Kingdom that Vanished

Distance from the Eastern shores of south India to Seam Reap in Cambodia is about 1600 miles across the Indian Ocean. In the past, while most of mainland Indians were…

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Children of Kambu and Mera!

The Apsara legend Mera, queen of the Apsaras (heavenly Nymphs) looked down pensively upon the green land of Kamboj on earth below. She felt jaded and a little desperate, unable…

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Making A Lunar Eclipse Photo

With all the buzz surrounding last night’s Super Blood Wolf Moon (that would be “super” because it’s at its closest approach to Earth right now, “blood” because lunar eclipses make the moon’s disk look red due to the fact that it is reflecting a “ring of sunsets” around the Earth’s edge, “wolf” because it’s in January, and “moon” because, well…) I figured I would jump on the bandwagon and have a shot at capturing some images as the moon entered the Earth’s shadow. The image I ended up with, a composite 5 frame composite generated using Photoshop, is shown above. Here’s how I created it.

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Dragon Descending

A Tale of Dragons In the days of yore when the Jade Emperor ruled the heavens, Vietnam was struggling to form a nation and survive amongst powerful, hostile neighbors. The…

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