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How to enable Digital Download on my galleries

You can either sell or provide for free your photographs. In this document, we will explain how to setup Digital Downloads in your gallery. Please, notice that this option is available only in our NextGEN Gallery Pro plugin.

These are the basic steps:

  1. Setup your NextGEN Gallery Pro Ecommerce Settings.
  2. Create a Gallery using the right dimensions.
  3. Create a Digital Download Pricelist.
  4. Add a Pricelist to the Gallery.
  5. Enable NextGEN Pro Lightbox Effect.
  6. Insert that Gallery with the Ecommerce option on.

Set up your NextGEN Gallery Pro Ecommerce Settings

NextGEN Gallery Pro requires a basic configuration in order to work, if you are going to enable Digital Downloads in your gallery. Here is the whole documentation explaining how to set up your Ecommerce Settings

Go to Ecommerce > Ecommerce Set Up
Your Requirement Checklist should look like this.

Ecommerce Settings

Create a Gallery using the right dimensions

Gallery Settings

You will need to upload your full-resolution images and NextGEN Gallery should resize them for you. Before uploading, make sure that 'resize on upload' is turned ON and 'backup images' is turned ON under Gallery > Other Options > Image Options.

Image Options

Please, take these into consideration before uploading your files:

  • Use JPG as the File format.
  • Use sRGB as your Color profile.
  • Dimensions: Full-resolution means the max size available for sale or download on your site. Try to upload a realistic size, you can use this Minimum resolution table as a guide to provide the correct dimensions, but for example, a 2250x3750 pixels is okay.

More information here: Image Sizes and Resolutions

Upload your Photos

Adding your photos to NextGEN Gallery is quite simple. Go to Gallery > Add Gallery / Images > Upload Images. You need to include the name of your Gallery and click on Add files. Finally, you can click on the "Start Upload" button.

Adding images

If you want to know how to upload your photos, here is a very useful link: Adding Images (Uploading/Zip Files/Image Folders)

Create a Digital Download Pricelist

We have a complete guide on How to Create a Pricelist. Please feel free to check that link. Here are some quick instructions.

  1. Go to Ecommerce > Manage Pricelists
  2. Click the button "Add New"
    Pricelist Add new
  3. Include a title for the Pricelist
    Pricelist Tittle
  4. Click on "Add Product"
    Add product button
  5. Click on "Digital Downloads"
    Digital Download items link
  6. Include the name for the product, price and longest image dimension. For this example, we are setting up a Free Download item 500 pixels width.
    Free download item
  7. You can keep adding Digital Download items based on the sizes that you would like to sell or share.  Scroll down and you will see the available Digital Download products.
    Pricelist Dimensions
  8. You can select a page with your License terms and also enable the free download items to be visible from our NextGEN Pro Lightbox Effect. Click on "Save" and your Digital Download Pricelist will be ready!
    Enable Link License, allow free download

Add a Pricelist to the Gallery

Go to Gallery > Manage Galleries. Choose the gallery that you uploaded and then click on "Gallery Settings". On the Pricelist dropdown, choose the pricelist with the Digital Download items you recently created. Do not forget to click on "Save changes".

Add pricelist to a existing gallery

For a complete guide about how to add pricelist to your galleries, you can check this link:

Enable NextGEN Pro Lightbox Effect

Go to  Gallery > Other Options > Lightbox Effects. On "What lightbox would you like to use?" Select "NextGEN Pro Lightbox". Save that setting by clicking on "Save Options".

Enable Lightbox

Insert that Gallery with the Ecommerce option ON

You can insert that gallery with Digital Download items into a page or blog post. Here is a screenshot of our placeholder, (it's a small icon available in your WordPress editor). Once you click on that you are going to see our placeholder, Click on "Add NextGEN Gallery" button.

Add nextgen gallery button

Choose the gallery that you would like to include, in this example it is called "New Gallery", then choose a gallery display.

Add gallery display


On the "Customize Display Settings" tab

Customize display Settings


Look for the option "Enable ecommerce?", choose "Yes". Then, click on "Insert Gallery" button.


Enable Ecommerce

Once you update your blog post or page, this is the final result. Here are the two available Digital Download items for your photograph. NextGEN Gallery will resize them to the defined dimensions, and since the "Free download" option is enabled, your clients can download the free image from our Lightbox directly.


Digital download pricelist working


Check our live demo:

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