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How to migrate galleries

Moving your galleries only

If you want to move only your galleries from one site to another, the best option will be to re-upload and re-insert your galleries.

Moving the whole site

On origin site

  1. Create a full verified backup of the site (all files and the entire database).
    • Copy all database tables.
    • Copy gallery folders and contents.
  2. Copy any custom Gallery Templates you have specially made.
  3. Clear transients
    • You can install a plugin to clear them: Deleted expired transients
    • Or you can simply go to
      where "" is your domain name.

On destination site

WordPress default installation (clean install):

  1. Ensure NextGEN Gallery plugin(s) are installed (and activated).
  2. Recover your full WebSite backup
    • Paste gallery folders and contents.
    • Paste (overwrite) all database tables.
  3. Paste any custom Gallery Template if you have them (they should be inside your theme's file).
  4. Clear transients.


Please, always try to clear any plugin cache before attempting this step.  If the galleries are not visible or something is not working properly, perhaps you need to reset NextGEN Gallery Settings. Please, take into consideration that this step will remove any default settings, and you will have to set them up again manually.

Use the Reset Option under Gallery > Other Options > Reset non-ecommece options (Reset All Options in our NextGEN Gallery free plugin).

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