The WordPress Photography Podcast
The WordPress Photography Podcast
Episode 85 - Closing Out Season 3


This is the last episode for season 3 of the WordPress Photography Podcast.

Please excuse the poor audio in this episode. I am displaced from my studio for a few weeks as it's repaired from water damage. So I recorded this episode using my headphones and cleaned it up as much as I could.

That's also why the video recording is a static image.

It's also why we are closing out season 3 early. Because it's too difficult to make quality episodes without the studio in working order.

So with that said, we appreciate all the subscribers, listeners and beyond. You're amazing and we love your support.

We look forward to educating you more and entertaining you further in season 4 come September.

If you have a request for a topic, a guest or a question, you're welcome to comment here with those. We'll be reading every single one.

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Welcome to episode 85. Today. I am well in a way happy and sad to say that this is the last up suit of what I'm calling season three of the wordpress photography podcast. Normally we take a break in August, we take the entire month of August off and then come September, maybe around mid September we usually relaunched with a new season with new episodes and new guests and things like that. Uh, but something happened, something happened, not that Imagely but personally and basically my home studio and office is in a finished basement and I had some water damage and that put a damper on a lot of things. Right now you might notice that the audio sound so different. You've probably noticed in the last episode the whole audio does not sound very good. That is because I am in a cramped hardwood floor room, uh, in a den, a guest room in our house.

And uh, my microphone set up is not one that I can easily just move with me with a laptop. It is a professional set up and so I am using my headphones to record the audio. For this podcast. That's also why there's no video, because my camera set up for recording the episode. There's also not one that is easily movable with a laptop and uh, the desk situation I'm in right now. So, uh, that's why the audio sound weird. That's why you don't see your video. And that is why we are calling season three a little bit earlier than we would have in the past. So, um, once everything is done, this has given me the opportunity to sort of step up the game. As far as the podcast, audio quality goes. Um, I am going to be doing some better sound dampening in the home studio once, um, the damages repaired and uh, so I hope that the oil gets even better.

Les Echos, less reverb, anything like that. Um, and so with that, uh, I am going to call it, this is episode 80 85, which is also the last episode of season three. What I would like from you is a comment, go to imagely.com/podcast/ 85 and just comment with what topics you'd like to learn about in season four. What guests would you like to hear about in season four? And I will spend the entire summer preparing all of that so that once, uh, my home studio is fixed up again, I can start recording those and get them all prepared for you for season four. Come September. Uh, one final note to please comment, imagely.com/podcast/ 85 one final note is we are on the brink of launching automated Princess Element lab integration for Nextgen pro. And this is going to be huge for the photography industry. So you might hear from me one more time, even though the season is technically ending once we've launched. So I can tell you about it and I hope that you check it out once I come back and tell you about that. Um, but we are very excited about that. Very, very excited about that and I hope that you are as well. So thank you for listening. Thank you for, for subscribing wherever you subscribe. And I will see you in season four. Come September.

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