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Working with Custom Fields

Most settings that govern display of galleries in NextGEN are global - you set them in the main options area, and they apply across all galleries. Some gallery displays can be customized using NextGEN shortcodes.

Custom fields provide another means to customize individual galleries by using WordPress's custom field capability to apply options to specific post or pages.

How to Edit Custom Fields To edit custom fields, scroll to the bottom of any page or post (be sure that your Screen Setting are set to show "Custom Fields"). Select a specific custom field and enter a key / value for this post. Here is the list of all possible parameters :

Main Gallery Parameters and Possible Values

- gallery : Show first the gallery
- slide : Show first the slideshow
- 0-xxx : (integer) Number of images per page
- "pid" : Sort thumbnails with Image ID
- "filename" : Sort thumbnails with File name
- "alttext" : Sort thumbnails with Alt / Title text
- "ASC" : Ascending sort direction
- "DESC" : Descending sort direction
- 0 : (Off) No slideshow link
- 1 : (On) Show slideshow link
- 0 : (Off) Show Image direct
- 1 : (On) Show ImageBrowser
- Specify number of columns for thumbnails

Slideshow Parameters and Possible Values

- "url" : (URL) Play the music file
- none : Keep original dimensions
- fit : Stretch images disproportionally
- true : Stretch images proportionally
- Sets the transition between images : fade, bgfade, blocks, bubbles, circles, flash, fluids, lines, random, slowfade
- 0xHXHXHX : (i.e. 000FFF)
- Backgroundcolor of the controls, in HEX format.
- 0xHXHXHX : (i.e. 000FFF)
- Texts & buttons color of the controls, in HEX format.
- 0xHXHXHX : (i.e. 000FFF)
- Rollover color of the controls, in HEX format.
- 0-xxx : (integer) Sets the overall width of the slideshow
- 0-xxx : (integer) Sets the overall height of the slideshow
- 0-xxx : (integer) Sets the number of seconds an image is played back
- 0 : (Off) Playback the images sequentially
- 1 : (On) Playback the images shuffled
- 0 : (Off) Disable the navigation bar
- 1 : (On) Enable the navigation bar
- 0 : (Off) No watermark logo
- 1 : (On) Show watermark logo link
- 0 : (Off) Disable Ken burns effect
- 1 : (On) Enable Ken burns effect

Along the custom fields above, NextGEN has offered some integration with the WordTube WordPress plugin in the past. Since the Photocrati acquisition, we have not evaluated this functionality to see if this is still function. Still, for documentation purposes, we want to be sure all knowledge is made available.

NextGEN offers a set of custom fields that allow you to change all settings of the media player for each post/page. So you can add plugins, autostart a file, resize it and more without a effect on other media files. Here is the list of all possible parameters for the custom fields:

  • wt_usewatermark
  • wt_controlbar
  • wt_skinurl
  • wt_playlist
  • wt_backcolor
  • wt_frontcolor
  • wt_lightcolor
  • wt_screencolor
  • wt_displayclick
  • wt_stretching
  • wt_plugins
  • wt_custom_vars
  • wt_showfsbutton
  • wt_volume
  • wt_bufferlength
  • wt_width
  • wt_height
  • wt_media_width
  • wt_media_height
  • wt_playlistsize
  • wt_LTchannelID
  • wt_shuffle
  • wt_overstretch
  • wt_quality
  • wt_activateAds

Example: You can add a video with the shortcode [ media id=3 ] and the custom field wt_plugins with the value metaviewer-1 and custom field wt_custom_vars with the value metaviewer.position=left. Shortcode format might be: [ media id=3 width=480 height=320 ]

Example: If you add as custom field as name wt_plugins and the value rateit-2. Then you can use the plugin RateIt.

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