Your Imagely front (home) page is configured with several widget areas:

Front Page 1

Front Page 2

Front Page 3

Front Page 4

  1. Front Page 1: A full-width widget area with one (1) Text widget to display a welcome message with a button that is linked to a custom URL of your choice.
  2. Front Page 2: A full-width widget area with four (3) Text widgets configured to display a title, icon, and paragraph text.
  3. Front Page 3: A full-width widget area with three (1) Genesis – Featured Posts widget configured to display (9) post excerpts and a featured image.
  4. Front Page 4: A full-width widget area with one (1) Text widget configured to display a title and paragraph text.

Note: If no widget areas are active in any of the front page specific widget areas, a blog-style front page will be displayed. If you wish to use a static page set under Settings > Reading for your front page, do not add widgets to the front page widget areas, since doing this will override the static page.

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