The Front Page 2 widget area in the Imagely Softly demo uses three (3) Genesis – Featured Page widgets to display an excerpt and a featured image, but you may use any content you wish.

Go to Appearance > Widgets to add a Genesis – Featured Page widget to this area.

To configure the widget, click on the title bar to open it and change the settings as desired:

Add Text Widget

Drag and drop a Text widget above the Genesis-Featured Page Widget and add your title. Don't forget to save your changes!

Genesis- Featured Page Widgets

  1. Title: Our demos do not use the title in the Featured Page widgets in this area.
  2. Page: Select the page you wish to have displayed, from the drop down.
  3. Show Featured Image: Check the box to display a featured image.
  4. Image Size: Select the size of the featured image. Our demo use the imagely-featured (640x640).
  5. Image Alignment: Our demo has the alignment set to none.
  6. Show Page Title: Check the box to display the page title.
  7. Show Page Content: Leave this unchecked, and select the 'save' button to save your settings.

Repeat these settings in each of the Genesis – Featured Page widgets you add to this area.


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