Troubleshooting the Lightroom Plugin

Requires minimum: MacOS 10.12.2 or Windows 10 64bit, Lightroom Classic (our plugin is not compatible with Lightroom CC).

SSH Authorization

Lightroom's FTP module doesn't handle SFTP like a standard FTP application. If your server required SFTP then you might receive a notice about SSH while setting up a new publishing service. Simply push the Accept Key button to continue.


Processing Error

If you receive an error like this processing error below, it is likely caused by entering the incorrect website address in the publishing server settings. For example, if your domain is, be sure to enter it exactly like that when creating the publishing service; leaving the www out will cause the error.  The same goes for http or https, if your website is then the URL should match in Lightroom.


Security Plugins

If you find yourself being completely blocked from publishing new galleries, albums or images, it's possible there is an additional security measure in place. We built our Lightroom to prevent being blocked by XML-RPC, which is a common roadblock on many hosts. However, if you are using a security plugin like iThemes Security or SecuPress, there is a greater chance of Lightroom publishing being blocked. Try temporarily disabling the security plugin to see if it helps.  If it doesn't, please contact support for further troubleshooting.


If you find the plugin not working at all, and you're on a Mac, it is possible that you're not running the latest version of MacOS. At the time of initial release of our Lightroom plugin the MacOS version was 10.12.2.  If you're using anything older than the latest version it is possible the Lightroom plugin will not work.  We will not be supporting outdated versions of MacOS.

Lightroom Version

The Lightroom plugin only supports the latest versions of the standard and Creative Cloud.


Other Troubleshooting Steps


Our plugins will run well on any wordpress-friendly server with the following required settings in place:

  • PHP version 7.2 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.6 or greater
  • HTTPS support
  • The mod_rewrite Apache module

Confirm with your hosting provider that you have set in your installed php.ini file:

  • PHP Safe Mode turned OFF
  • At least 250MB memory allowed
  • 30MB or larger upload limit
  • 30MB or larger post limit

Other server settings to check:

  • 755 permissions set on /wp-content directory.  If your hosting environment requires higher than 755, you risk being vulnerable to hackers. This is a sign of a less supportive web host for WordPress. You should NEVER have to go as high as 777
  • GD Library enabled and activated on your hosting account

With the above settings in place, please note that we can't test every server available on the market. We build and test the plugin on WordPress recommended servers as mentioned above, and know that our plugin works well in their server environments.


Close the Lightroom application. Please try deactivating all of your plugins on your WordPress site, then reactivating the NextGEN Gallery and try publishing your gallery again.

If this fixes the problem it was likely one of the deactivated plugins causing the issue. Now, retrace your steps activating each plugin (one at a time) and re-checking to see if the problem returns. We would suggest reactivating a security plugin first as some security plugins have been known to block publishing applications outside of the WordPress site. If it does then that last activated plugin was probably the source of the conflict. Sometimes there can be more than one plugin conflicting with the publishing process; try reactivating the rest of the plugins and publish one more gallery to confirm it's successful. If you do find one (or more) plugins causing this problem we would greatly appreciate your feedback on them so the developers may address them as soon as they can.

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