If you haven't heard of JPEGmini then now is the time to stay tuned.

JPEGmini is software that can optimize your images without any quality loss. Not only that, it can work within your website workflow and even your Lightroom workflow, for photographers.

That means if you're using Alloyphoto's NextGEN Gallery Export Lightroom plugin you can also use the JPEGmini Pro Lightroom plugin in conjunction. That means easy gallery management offline, and optimized images online.

Image optimization has many benefits including site speed, bandwidth use reduction, SEO and more.

Take a look how JPEGmini can help your website.

Note: the example of a 4mb compressed image is just an example to show the power of JPEGmini. For websites we recommend images with a max file size of around 500kb.

We partnered with JPEGmini to offer 1 free license to a lucky winner. To enter the giveaway, visit the giveaway page on the Photocrati website, enter your email address and you're done. Share it with your friends to gain additional entrees, which means more chances to win. The giveaway ends on December 15th.


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  1. I have one question about the JPEGmini in conjunction with the NextGEN export plug-in.
    Normally I select raw images to upload to my WordPress site. The NextGEN plug-in converts the raw files into Jpeg’s.
    Is this the same when you add the JPEGmini plugin to your workflow?

    1. When you export from Lightroom to a website, it has to convert to JPG as RAW isn’t good for the web. So yes, JPEGMini will require a JPG.

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