We're excited to announce that Photocrati Media has acquired the NextGEN Gallery WordPress plugin! Photocrati is the company behind one of the most popular WordPress themes for photographers, and the acquisition is part of our effort to consolidate and integrate some of the best WordPress solutions for photographers under one roof.

As most people in the WordPress community know, NextGEN Gallery was created and developed by Alex Rabe. Over the last five years, Alex has built NextGEN into the dominant image gallery plugin for WordPress. In March of this year, NextGEN Gallery surpassed 5 million downloads, which makes it one of the most popular WordPress plugins ever.

Photocrati plans to continue that legacy.

Plans: Improving NextGEN Gallery's Core Functionality and Interface

First and foremost, we're committed to the continued development of NextGEN Gallery as a free GPL plugin and the most popular gallery plugin for WordPress. We'll look forward to contributing to the WordPress community by constantly improving one of its most popular plugins. In our first major update coming late this year, we are:

  • Improving and streamlining the existing back-end interface
  • Adding an interface to create and manage galleries directly from posts and pages
  • Making a range of smaller fixes and security patches

Plans: Building a Stronger Relationship with the NextGEN Community

Second, we look forward to building a relationship with the awesome community of NextGEN users and developers. NextGEN's active user base is several hundred thousand strong, and there is a great group of developers who have contributed to and launched extension plugins for NextGEN. We'd like to build a stronger sense of community and interaction around the plugin, both with users and the developer community.

If you're a NextGEN user or a developer with an interest in NextGEN, please consider following NextGEN on Twitter or getting on the email list to receive NextGEN updates. We'll also be looking to established relationships with beta testers and contributors, so you can contact us if you are interested in contributing that way as well.

Plans: Launching NextGEN Pro, a Premium Extension with Ecommerce

Third, later this year we'll be launching a premium upgrade for NextGEN, called NextGEN Pro. NextGEN Pro will offer a range of more beautiful new gallery display styles as well as fully-featured ecommerce functionality. Some of our plans for NextGEN Pro include:

  • Alternative slideshow displays
  • Alternative filmstrip displays
  • Alternative thumbnail displays
  • Caption and filmstrip skins to adjust styling
  • Fully-featured ecommerce for all gallery types and including print and price options, digital downloads, and shopping cart and Paypal integration

In addition to our immediate plans, we're developing both NextGEN and NextGEN Pro so they they'll provide powerful platforms for future expansion and features.

Plans: Integrating NextGEN and NextGEN Pro with the Photocrati WordPress Theme

We'll also be merging NextGEN and NextGEN Pro into the popular Photocrati WordPress theme. So Photocrati users will have all the functionality of these plugins seamlessly available in the Photocrati theme, without losing any of the options or gallery displays currently available.

Hiring: We're Building a Great Team

Finally, we know there are a ton of great developers and WordPress enthusiasts within the NextGEN community. We want to announce that we'll be hiring for various positions over the next 6 months, including Software Engineers, a Systems Administrator, a Webmaster, and Happiness Engineers. If you are interested in any of those positions check out our jobs page or contact us via our contact page.

We'll have more big news soon. Stay informed by following us on Twitter or signing up for NextGEN updates via email.

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