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Episode 110 - Conflicts and Placing Blame


In this episode, Scott talks about what happens when a plugin conflict breaks things on your WordPress site. Specifically, Scott addresses a recent major conflict between two popular plugins, WooCommerce and WP Rocket Cache. He offers advice to follow when this happens to you before you open a support ticket with any company.

Note: Scott mentions the WooCommerce version that broke sites was 4.5.0 but it was actually 4.4.0 and the patched update was version 4.4.1.


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Welcome to episode a 110. My name is Scott Wyden. Kivowitz today. We're talking about what happens when one word press plugin impacts another WordPress plugin. WooCommerce came out with their version 4.5 0.0. And when that happened, something interesting happened in the WordPress space, in the WordPress community. And it's something that, that happens all the time. And it's something that I feel like doesn't get talked about enough. And I think that is why I am recording this episode right now for you. You see when WooCommerce came out with version 4.5 0.0 wound up breaking a lot of sites. And what happened is that there was actually something going on. I don't know all the details, but something conflicted with WP rocket cache, which is also a very popular plugin, but it broke a lot of sites sites that use both WooCommerce and WP rocket cat. And what people did is they flocked to WP media who makes them BP, rocket cache, and they started blaming the caching plugin for breaking their websites.

Now it's easier. And we find this at imagery as well. It's easier to blame the products that you may not classify as essential. If you have an eCommerce store running on WooCommerce, then of course, you're going to think that will commerce is essential. Cashing is not. You're going to go and blame the non-essential quote unquote nonessential plugin for damaging your website. We see this with next gen gallery. For example, if you're a photographer and you have Yoast SEO, and you have next gen gallery, and for some reason, something broke you're of course going to go and blame next gen gallery, over blaming Yoast SEO. When more than likely it was actually your SEO, that broke things, but that's okay. So I saw this happening. I saw this happening in a lot of Facebook groups and on Twitter and so on and so forth. All these different people, blaming WPP Rocca cash for breaking their sights.

When in reality, it was a combination of things. It was WordPress 5.5 came out, which was a big change. Mind you that broke a lot of websites in itself because of the JavaScript changes that they mean, but also WooCommerce 4.5 0.0 came out at the same time and wreaked havoc on everything that was running WooCommerce at the time. So I believe that will commerce release that hatch, and then they have the update coming. And I think that's all resolved. The point of me sharing the story with you is to just remind you that there are humans, first of all, behind each brand, right? There are humans behind WooCommerce. There are humans behind WP, rocket cache, and there are humans behind NexGen gallery. If you run into a problem, whatever that problem might be, whether that problem is actually our software, their another person software, whoever it is.

Remember there are humans behind that software. There are people that have feelings that are doing their jobs to help you and to build these products for you. The point of this is this, to remind you that you should be kind, treat people how you, you want to be treated with the respect that you would like in return. But I also want to remind you that before you go placing blame, you might want to do do some research first because when this WP rocket cache moon commerce conflict came about about two weeks prior to me recording this episode, the reason where the break was already out there, all you had to do is Google it. And you would have found the reason in the support forums. Yeah. You would have seen this already that it was and WP rocket cache that it wasn't fact yet people still went to WP, rocket cache to up lame them.

So go figure, please do some research beforehand. You place blame. And if you are going to place blame, please be kind about it. Cause with people behind that software, thank you for listening. If you're watching this, thank you for watching this episode. This has been episode 110, and I will look forward to seeing you in episode 111, where I hope to have a special guest on for you. Be sure to subscribe anywhere that you listen to podcasts. And please leave us a kind review because, well, we'll give you a shout out if you do until next time.

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