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The WordPress Photography Podcast
Episode 122 - Welcome to the Clubhouse


Clubhouse is an audio-only social media app, and one that's currently only for iOS but Android in the works. Since its launch, photographers are swarming to Clubhouse. Is Clubhouse for photographers? In this short episode, I talk about what photographers should expect on Clubhouse, and share my opinion on whether I believe photographer should be spending their time at Clubhouse.

Interested in a detailed Clubhouse guide? Head over to Sprout Studio for their extensive guide.


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Welcome to episode 122. My name is Scott White and Kivowitz. And today we're talking about clubhouse. Clubhouse is an audio only social network that has popped up and photographers are flocking to it. They are swarming clubhouse and hopping into rooms and chatting about all things business. And that is what I want to talk about. In this episode. You see, clubhouse is fantastic. It is really unique to any social network out there. Of course, Twitter is working on their rooms feature where you can have audio conversations, but it's not fully public yet. It's only in beta. So like Instagram taking things from Snapchat and Tik TOK. Twitter is taking a piece of clubhouses playbook until then. Clump house is a great place. If you are looking to one, learn about photography or to interact with potential clients on the B2B side, then clubhouse might be perfect for you.

If your goal is to go to a place like clubhouse and find wedding clients, or find family sessions, clients, you're less likely to find them there. When you hop in clubhouse, you will find that most of the conversations are, how do I learn how to do this? Or how do I boost my business to this? Things like that? So you're more likely if you are a wedding photographer or a family portrait photographer, or a, a newborn photographer or a maternity photographer, whatever, you're more likely to learn about photography in the business than you are to find clients. But if you are a headshot photographer, a personal brand photographer, and potentially even a real stay photographer, you have more of a chance to find a client on clubhouse than any other John Ruh of photography. But really the best thing you can do on clubhouse is to learn, hop into a room, listen to the conversations going on.

If you have a question, raise your hand and join in on the conversation. If you have a question about WordPress and you want to hop on or hop in a room about WordPress, I am there in clubhouse at Scott widen. You can always just search for me, follow me there, and we can talk about WordPress stuff, website stuff. So I hope this short episode just gives you a little of a little bit, a bit of the background of what's happening in clubhouse. And again, it's also coming to Twitter. So if you don't want to join clubhouse and you just want to use your Twitter account, that's coming. Eventually. This is a very short episode. I know, but I'll see you in episode 123.

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