The WordPress Photography Podcast
The WordPress Photography Podcast
Episode 124 - Pivot & Shift Your Purchases


Today we are talking about the products and services you purchase. You don't need the expensive stuff. You don't have to use a full-frame camera body or the f/1.4 lenses. You can work with inexpensive lights. Mailchimp might be more than what you need as a photographer.

We want to encourage you, especially these days, to consider what you need for your art and business. Not what people say you should use.


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Welcome to episode 124. My name is Scott Wyden Kivowitz. And today I'm talking about the things you buy for your photography and your photography business. This is more important these days. This is more important these days when we are in a pandemic. So you need to pivot and you need to shift, you need to pivot what you're using, what you own and why you need to change your mindset. Because in the past, when you might've been thinking, I need to own that, right? Do you really need to own it in that lens? In the past when you thought I've got to use ShootProof all right, I have to use SmugMug. Do you really need to use those? Do you really? Or can you save money by doing something else? So I want to remind you that you have options. If you were starting out in photography or videography, or need a new product or service, or simply need a change, listen up.

You have options. You have choices. You don't need the expensive full frame camera, but you can choose to go with the crop sensor micro four thirds sensor. You don't need that fast aperture that 1.4, that 1.8, you can go with an F four lens. You'll be okay. You don't need a high capacity, top tier memory card. Start small, go with what you can afford. You don't need a pro photo light. It go. Docs is in your budget. Reflectors can work wonders to gels or way less expensive than RGB lights. In fact, white background paper with a Jeld light can be cheaper than a color. Backdrop paper backgrounds could be taped to walls and floors. If you don't have a background, stand USBC is great, but USB three hubs are more affordable. And if you don't have a USB-C port pick up a USBC to USB a converter for video on computers, you can choose between your camera's webcam utility and HTMI capture card.

A lot of tech, webcam, or a cheap web cam, and even the built-in webcam to your computer options everywhere you see, should I go on my reason for sharing all this with you is to state that no matter what, no matter what you hear, no matter what advice you get, there are options. You don't have to go with what everybody is saying. You need to do the research, figure out what is best for you in this moment. And once you do the research and figure out what you can afford within your budget, that is when you should know what you should be working with. Now as a side note early on, I mentioned that you don't need ShootProof. If you don't know you don't need. And I just want to share that there are alternatives. You are listening to this, and you probably have a WordPress website over 40% of the web is powered by WordPress.

You probably have your photography website on WordPress, and we had imaged. They make a product that allows you to do proofing and to do printers, to do digital downloads, and you can pay once forever and never pay commissions. If you want to see how much you could save by switching from ShootProof for SmugMug or photo shelters and folio to Imagely just go to, and then click over to that conversion calculator and figure out exactly how much money you can save and put back in your pocket with all that said, I want to say thank you for listening. Thank you for watching if you're watching this and be sure to watch out for the next episode and be sure to click, subscribe, and follow along and share this with others that you feel might be in this sort of gear acquisition syndrome or service acquisition syndrome, where product acquisition syndrome, that needs sort of a Pat in the tush. So to speak, to think more about their needs in that moment right now. Thanks for listening. Thanks for watching again.

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