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Episode 41 - The Future & Feedback


In this episode, Scott talks about the future of The WordPress Photography Podcast and request your feedback. Please have a listen, and then comment with your thoughts.

And be sure to submit your WordPress questions here.


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Welcome to episode 41, my name is Scott Wyden Kivowitz, and this episode is going to be shorter, it's going to talk about the future of this podcast. And it's not meant to be a downer it's just meant to share what's going on and the changes that you should expect in the near future.

Now if you're hearing noises it's because there's work going on outside, my office is being emptied, and I'll tell you why in a little bit.

You might be hearing some more of a echoey chamber type sound because all of my photos which were on canvas which were sound dampening are now gone. And I'm actually shocked at how echoey this room now is.

Now here's what's happening. This is episode 41. Episode 40 which went out two weeks ago was the fourth Q and A episode. Episode 41 should have been another interview with some guest. But I feel like I needed to take a moment and share what is going on, share some of the changes that are happening now and some of the changes that will be happening in the near future.

Here's what's going on. First, I no longer have a co-host, Rachel sold her company Fotoskribe to ShootDotEdit. Fantastic match, I'm so happy for Rachel, so happy for ShootDotEdit. And the downside of this at least as far as the podcast goes is that Rachel's no longer going to be a co-host 'cause she's actually not going to be involved with Fotoskribe anymore on a full-time basis. She's kind of getting out of the photo industry a little bit. She's only going to be consulting with Fotoskribe for ShootDotEdit on a need to basis. She's no longer going to be a co-host which means my options were either get a new co-host or take it on my own. I decided I'm going to go on my own.

The reason for that is, it's actually going to make my life a little bit easier to not have a co-host, and the reason for that is that I now only have two schedules to worry about instead of three. The two being mine and my potential guest on each episode. Instead of me having to worry about my schedule or Rachel's schedule and then a guest, I now only have two to worry about. It makes my life a little bit easier by only worrying about two schedules.

Now the next thing is that I'm still debating to go either audio only or still continuing with video. The podcast gets a lot more listeners through audio but I know that a lot of people still watch the video either because they enjoy video more, or they actually like the ability to speed up and slow down video where right now on the website, on the Imagely Podcast page you can't speed up or slow each episode you have to listen to it in real time or in what's called 1x.

Now if you listen to audio, if you only prefer audio and you're only listening to the video because of the playback speed, you could use software like Downcast or other, Overcast or any of those other podcast players to actually speed up or slow down the podcast. Instead of listening in the default like iTunes podcast player you can actually just use a third party. I actually use Downcast for my own because I find that it's sync capability is actually far superior than any others. That's what I use to listen to on my computer and on my iPad and on my iPhone.

I'm still debating on what to do about audio versus video. Hopefully, by episode 42 I will have made a decision. If we go to audio only, I might still make a video with just like a placeholder image of, for example, the guest, the podcast image of what the episode is. Just so people who prefer video will still have video. But it won't be the actual people talking back and forth. If I stay with video, then of course, then it'll still be what you see now, which is somebody actually talking to a camera.

I will also say that the plug-in that we use called Seriously Simple Podcasting, I did reach out and ask if they are going be adding a playback speed option and they are doing it. It is on the roadmap, but they don't have an ETA currently so I can't really say, "Hey, it's coming in the next week or so." But that would mean on the website soon. Eventually, you will have the ability to play back, faster or slower than the real time 1x speed.

Now I will taking a break from the podcast for the next month or so. I am recording this on May 30th. In one month I am moving, hence why I am taking down photos from my wall. There's only one photo left in my office only because I don't have a box big enough to pack my really large canvases yet. The rest of the photos in my house are already packed.

I am moving, knock on wood, I am moving, and so the podcast is going to be on hold until after I move which is hopefully going to be the beginning of July. I'm thinking I might bring the podcast back in August or I might just take the summer off from the podcast and start again in the beginning of September. We'll see how that plays out and maybe I'll do some special episodes here and there if I can make it work. But if I am continuing with video, as you can see, my video set, so to speak, in my office is no longer what it used to be. Things are changing, and I'd rather wait, if I'm going to continue to doing video, I'd rather wait until my new office is set up with the new set which will be really, really cool.

Okay, we talked about co-host, no more. We talked about potentially audio only, I'm not sure. About playback speed coming in the future on the website but if you want it now, you can use third party apps like Downcast. I am taking a break, I will be back for sure either August or beginning of September. No later than the beginning of September. You can think of this as a season if you want, season finale. I don't know whatever you want to call it, I don't actually do seasons I'm just going with the flow.

What I want to talk about next is submitting questions. If you have a question that you'd like answered on the podcast, a question about the podcast in general, you have a question about how to podcast, if you have questions, whatever it is, whatever questions you have, imagely.com/podcast/q. That's where you can submit your questions, that's where you can submit your feedback. I want to hear it all, so please be sure to submit.

Next, who do you want to hear on the show? Go to imagely.com/podcast/41 and comment, tell me who you want to hear on the show or see on the show if you want video or audio. Let me know if you want video or audio, share your feedback. This is so important because the future of the podcast really relies heavily on you the listeners and viewers of what you want. Because I want to amp it up, but I can only amp it up with your feedback.

Who do you want to hear on the show in future, what people do you respect their websites, what they're doing with blogging, what they're doing with their online marketing of their websites and their businesses. Let me know who you want to hear on the show and then let me know what topics you want to learn about. Do you want to learn more about blogging, more about social media, more about converting people to your weddings and to your portrait and to your commercial business. If you want to really be specific, tell me who do you want to learn from, and what you want to learn from them about so I can make that happen.

I know that I'm asking a lot of feedback on this episode, but it's, I'm taking a break and I need to gather your feedback so that I can make sure that when I come back for episode 42, that I'm coming back with a vengeance. Not really, I'm coming back stronger than ever and with more educational content for free in the podcast.

That's another thing. The podcast is free, right? There's no ads, there's no sponsors, it's 100% free so I know that you've been enjoying it, I'm seeing the reviews, I'm seeing the feedback come in, I'm seeing the questions come in and so I know you're enjoying it, please just keep that coming, keep that feedback coming, keep the questions coming, that is what is keeping this podcast going.

Thank you, any questions, imagely.com/podcast/q and any feedback of who you want to be on the podcast, any topics you want to hear about and if you would like the audio version, the video, imagely.com/podcast/41.

Thanks for watching and I'll see when I come back in episode 42.

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  1. Hi Scott, a vote for audio only here. Thanks for your hard work, great podcast, really enjoy it 🙂

    Possible topic for future podcasts: learning resources. What best WordPress blogs, podcasts and other resources to read/listen/subscribe for someone who wants to advance their WordPress knowledge.

  2. HI Scott. Thank you for all the work that you do to improve the photographer’s world. I am putting my vote in for audio only. I listen to podcasts while I edit weddings or other jobs. It would be great to have more frequent episodes.

    1. Hey Lisa,

      Thanks for the feedback! I don’t think we’d do more than every other Thursday. But we’re definitely considering audio only. Thank you for being a listener!

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