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The WordPress Photography Podcast
Episode 53 - You Need An Email List


You need an email list, and in this episode, Scott talks about why that is. If you would like to join the Lead Generation Machine course waiting list, which is mentioned in the episode, sign up here.


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You need an email list, you need a place that you can gather leads for your photography business. Now we've talked about lead generation on the podcast before, and I'm going to always be talking about lead generation on the podcast because this is very important, so it'll come up and talk in episodes from today, from the past, and in the future you're going to see it a lot. The reason why you need the email list is so that you can nurture those leads and turn them into paying customers. So what is lead generation? Lead generation is the act of doing something to get visitors on your website, to give you a contact method, a phone number, an email address, whatever, and then there's nurturing, which is the idea of interacting with those leaves on a regular basis in some way and getting them to know you and to trust you so that when you go and pitch them a product, they're probably going to bite, or it was more of a chance for them to bite.

So lead generation is very important and that's why you need an email list and email lists could be small, it can be large, doesn't matter, but you need an email list that you can reach out to people and tell them about what you are offering to be able to tell them when you're having a sale or when you're doing mini sessions or when you're doing something else, when you're doing the fundraiser, when you're doing, uh, whatever it is, you need to have an email list. That's what this episode is about. Just to stress the point that without an email list, you're going to be relying on more difficult and methods of converting customers. Marketing on social media for a paid service is a lot more difficult than marketing on Facebook for something that is free to get people to give you the email address. Now, I'm not going to go into heavy detail about this in this episode, but I want to give you a little teaser about something that I had been working on for myself.

And you know, all the time we have people come on the podcast and talk about what they have to offer you, the listeners. So I thought I'd take a moment and share something that I'm working on for myself that's I hope that you will consider opting into for something for this product. I'm working on a course called the lead generation machine in the course are gonna. Go through everything there is to know about creating a system on your website that gets people to give you their email address and for you to nurture those emails to the point of cost of booking them as customers. The lead generation machine is something that works for you once it's created. It works for you automatically. So I'm going to link in the show. So please check out the show notes for this episode. I'm going to link in the show notes for where you can sign up to get access for once it's launched, which I'm hoping by the end of February I have it done. And if you're interested, please sign up and, uh, and, and you'll be able to get a notification. I'm going to give a big discount on launch and then the price goes up a lot, so if this is something you're gonna be interested in and you want the best possible price, it will never be as good as it will be when the product launches, so check that out in the show notes for today's episode is imagely.com/podcast/53. See you in the next episode.

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