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The WordPress Photography Podcast
Episode 65 - Optins & Mobile SEO


In August, 2016, Google announced that distracting optins will lower mobile rankings for websites. So as of January, 2017, any photographers with optins need to optimize them for the best possible mobile experience, or you run the risk of hurting your business's rankings.

This is easily done with many optin tools that are out there, like Bloom or Thrive. But we use OptinMonster which also makes the job painless.

To do this with OptinMonster you would choose to do Display Level targeting of devices:

  • Desktop
  • Phone
  • Tablet

Turning this on and replicating an optin campaign will give you the ability to display on each device and test them individually. Or use split testing to guarantee only one is loaded at a time.

To hear great content marketing advice, listen to episode 24 with Nathan from CoSchedule.

We hope you enjoyed this quick tip!


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