The WordPress Photography Podcast
The WordPress Photography Podcast
Episode 82 - The Perfect Google My Business Post


Sometimes social platforms tell us exactly what they want to see. Exactly what will ensure the content is seen. What triggers the platform's algorithm show your stuff.

In this episode, we want to share exactly what Google shares that does well on Google My Business.

Please excuse my voice as I go through the tips. I've got this nasty cough that is hurting my vocal cords.

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Welcome to episode 82 my name is Scott Wyden Kivowitz and today I want to share with you, well basically three tips on improving your Google my business. Now this is the WordPress photography podcast, but as you may know, if you've been listening or watching episodes since the beginning, we don't just talk about WordPress, we talk about your online business, your online marketing efforts and social media and pretty much everything related to it. Google my business, it has become, unfortunately, he kinda this essential part of what you need to do with your social media efforts. Google created Google my business based off of Google plus pages and if you recall, there was a time where we have discussed the confusion that was Google plus Google plus pages, Google my business and Google local and so on. Basically, Google plus has shut down. It's gone as of April 1st, 2019 it has gone and what is left from what Google plus created for businesses, in particular, is Google my business.

This is where you have what's called local citations. You have this local listing on Google for your business and in this listing, you can do things like post articles, post content, you can get reviews and things like that. And what happens is if somebody searches for photographer and they're in your area or they search for a photographer in New York City or wherever you are, you will show up depending on how active you are, how, how much it go on in your website, how to optimize your Google, my business profile is and so on. You will show up and the content you post there will show up with it. So today I want to talk about the content that you post and share three tips related to that. Now, these tips are not one that I created. These are not ones that I have made up.

These are tips that Google themselves actually say. Now if you are on social platform and that social platform tells you this will work or this will work or this will work and so on, you should follow those tips because they're telling you exactly what works well in their algorithms. So the first tip I have for you today from Google is to make your posts include an attractive image to illustrate your message. Whenever you were saying in the text of your post, make sure that the image, the photograph, or the whatever image you create included with that content relates and is extremely, extremely attractive. The second tip I have for you today is a, it is to use conversational tone because Google my business is talking directly to your potential customers. They're recommending that the content you create that you, that you include in these posts also talk directly to your customers.

Whatever content you write, make sure it's conversational. You're not just talking in, in, in an advertorial way. The last tip that I have for you today is to include a call to action. Google my business. Their posts offer you the ability to include calls to action buttons, some of which can go to a website, some of which can go to your booking system, some of which can just have a quick call button. If they're on their phone and hit call, he will literally call you instantly from their phone. So those are three tips from Google directly for improving your Google my business posts. If you have any questions, if you have any thoughts, that can also help improve your Google my business posts. Just comment and let me know. This has been episode 82 of the WordPress photography podcast. You can visit the show notes at imagely.com/podcast/82. see in the next episode.

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