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The WordPress Photography Podcast
Episode 99 - 4 Questions For Your Ads


Hulafrog surveyed a lot of local businesses and found that 80% of local businesses spend money on ads. However, 60% have a limited budget.

That's why we wanted to share some of the advice from Hulafrog, and our own advice, to help you determine where what, why, and how to advertise in various places.

What we discuss:

  • Why advertise?
  • Where should you advertise?
  • When should you advertise?
  • How much should you spend?


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Welcome to episode 99 my name is Scott Wyden Kivowitz and today I want to talk about Facebook ads for photographers and how to really figure out where to advertise. Hula frog recently did a poll about ads and they found that 80% of local businesses that they polled are advertising but just shy of 60% of these businesses are limited on their budget. So is it a bad choice to advertise our for CIF photographers even bother advertising when really a lot of the business will come from the word of mouth that they find on Facebook and Facebook groups. Well, this is where asking a few questions comes into play and really knowing your target market, knowing your audience, why are you going to advertise? What is your goal for advertising? Why are you putting money into finding clients? Why are you doing it? Do you have an end goal?

What is your goal? Tell me. Go to the show notes at 99 and share your goal for advertising. Where are you advertising or where do you want to advertise? You see, here's the thing, because if you are a B to C photographer, then Facebook might be the perfect place and the only place maybe then they're in Google might be the only places that you want to advertise. But do you, if you are a B to B person, maybe you want to advertise on LinkedIn and Google. If your target market are moms and your targeted market are maybe makeup artists, hairdressers, maybe it is the moms, right? Mt. Moms, right? That are, they're using Pinterest. So maybe you need to be on Pinterest and Facebook. So just like anything with social media, anything where you just, should you be on LinkedIn if your target market are not on LinkedIn?

Well that's the question you should be asking yourself for advertising as well. When, when should you advertise? Should you be doing it on holidays? Should it be, do you'd be doing specific holiday ads? Should you be doing it at midnight or are your target market that demographic sleeping at midnight and then what is your budget? Because if you have a budget of $200 and it costs you $200 to get a client, and that $200 is all you get from that client, then you're breaking even. You're not making money on that. But if it costs you $25 of that $200 budget to get the client and that client is paying you $600, then of course that ad was worth it. So you have to figure that stuff out first. So I encourage you to ask yourself these questions, ask yourself all these questions and write them down and figure out exactly where, what, when, how, all of these things are they worth it for you to advertise.

Now I will say the advertising is worth it. It is worth it for most businesses, but it may not be worth it for new photography businesses. But then again, maybe it is, you need to figure that out for yourself. I can't give you the answer to that, but what I can do is help you figure it out by instructing you to ask yourself those questions. This was 99 episode 100 is coming up. I don't know what we're going to do for episode 100 I'm hoping to do something special. I really don't know. Thank you for listening. Thank you for watching. If you're watching this episode, you can check out the show notes at [inaudible] dot com slash podcast slash 99 be sure to comment and let me know why you are advertising what your goal is for those ads. See you in episode 100.

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