We noticed an article online that said NextGEN Gallery bloats file sizes. Although we knew that it did not - we decided to record a test to show how NextGEN Gallery does not bloat file sizes, but can depending on user settings.

Turns out that the user found a Flash problem that was causing his issue. We have been unable to reproduce the problem on a variety of machines, so it is very possible that the problem is extremely specific to certain computers, operating systems, browsers, Flash versions, and so on.

With that said, we decided to record a video showing that NextGEN Gallery does not bloat file sizes upon uploading.

The only way NextGEN Gallery can increase your file size is if your images are, for example, 500px wide and you have "Scale images to max width XXpx or max height XXpx" selected when uploading and the set dimensions (XXpx) are larger than your uploaded size, like 1000px. That feature is meant to shrink an image size, but also has the ability to enlarge them.

To change that, you go to the NextGEN Gallery options panel and the images tab, then adjust the Resize Images settings.

I hope that is helpful and thanks for reading,

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