NextGEN Pro's proofing system was designed for simplicity in mind. While we plan to add more advanced features, at the moment the entire methodology is as simple as can be.

  1. Display the gallery with proofing enabled
  2. Star selected images on page or in the Pro Lightbox
  3. Submit proofs
  4. Receive comma separated list of filenames picked

By default, NextGEN Pro sends a templated email like the following:

Hi Wedding Photography of Manhattan Administrator,

John Doe has submitted images from a proofing gallery.

You can find the proofed images at

Here is a comma separated list of the image file names. You can copy and paste this in your favorite image management software to quickly search for and find all selected images.

Files: Wedding_029,Wedding_028

Please note that you can customize the template used.

Notice the comma list at the bottom? That's the best part of the simple proofing system. From there you can copy the list and paste it in your favorite photo library software, like Adobe Lightroom.  Because filetypes are not included it doesn't matter if the file is a RAW or JPG.  The search results should bring up the images in question.  This method has been confirmed to work with Lightroom, but we have not tested it on other library software.

To learn more about the proofing system, check out the live proofing demo and documentation.

As always, if you have any feature requests for the proofing feature in NextGEN Pro please submit it at the Feature Voting page.

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