The Pro Lightbox included in NextGEN Pro is extremely flexible.

Out of the box the Pro Lightbox uses a dark color scheme with two colors: black and grey.  However, there are two other built-in color styles: All White and All Black.  On top of that, though, is the ability to manage colors around the Pro Lightbox.  For example, the carousel text color, background color, sidebar background color, icon colors and so on.


As of NextGEN Pro version 1.0.17, you can now also disable social sharing on top of the ability to disable commenting.  You can also show the comment slider, info panel and carousel by default.

There is a lot more we're working on, including eCommerce - but if there is something you'd like to see in the Pro Lightbox please submit your feature request to let us know.


Update: There is a chance that the white color scheme will become the default color in the future following NextGEN Pro 1.0.17.

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