Photographers - How To Learn Then Implement SEO

For years we ran The Photographer's SEO Community, continue to implement SEO on our sites and educate photographers on it.

However, we are no longer implementing for others or doing formal on-going training as we used to. Other projects, like NextGEN Gallery, have become too time-consuming for some side projects like the Photographer's SEO Community we used to run.

But we like to recommend people who have proven that they know what they're doing, offer training and implementation services.  There are two people who come to mind on a daily basis. But one of them, Brandon Hopper, recently launched a new educational platform called SEO Bootcamp for Photographers.

seo bootcamp for photographers

In the bootcamp, you will learn how to implement essential SEO basics and more advanced techniques. You'll learn things like:

  • How to implement proper Google Analytics with link tracking
  • How to utilize Google's powerful Search Console
  • Optimizing Website Architecture for SEO
  • On-Page SEO Content Optimization
  • Off-Page SEO Content Optimization
  • Technical SEO - Health Checks, Tools & Templates
  • Competitive Research for better SEO
  • How to Write a Blog Content that ranks and attracts customers
  • Image File Naming Conventions
  • Ranking your site on Maps
  • Rank your images for Image Search
  • Alt Text Descriptions for your Images

And so much more!

If this is something that has your interest peaked, head over to Brandon's site to learn more and hop on board.

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