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Episode 63 - SEO Bootcamp for Photographers w/ Brandon Hopper


WordPress-photography-podcast-episode-63-pinBrandon Hopper is the owner of the company The Hopper Company LLC based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. He provides web design services, website support and maintenance, and marketing integration. In addition to his web services, Brandon also helps businesses develop their online marketing strategies.

Prior to starting The Hopper Company LLC, Brandon spent more than 10 years working with companies in a wide variety of industries to develop, maintain and grow their online presence. From recommending different marketing tools and technologies to optimizing websites for higher search results rankings, he has overseen various facets of online marketing.

Outside of work, Brandon enjoys working out, spending time with his two dogs, roasting his own coffee and all things Buffalo Bills.

Listen to Brandon's previous episode on the show, #44, One Stop Shop for Support & Maintenance.

seo bootcamp for photographers

Brandon has launched his SEO Bootcamp for Photographers. Sign up or join the waitlist today!


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Scott: Welcome to episode 63. My name is Scott Wyden Kivowitz and today I'm joined by my guest, Brandon Hopper. I'm Brandon has been on the show before, so I'm gonna save some time and do a quick short introduction instead of the more lengthy one that I did in episode 44 where I did a much more thorough introduction to Brendan. If you want to learn more about Brandon and what services he offers outside of what we're going to talk about today, listen to episode 44, imagely.com/podcast/ 44. In the meantime, welcome to episode 63. Brandon is a friend of mine out of Minnesota and he provides web design services, website support, maintenance, and all this great stuff for photographers including business and marketing, strategy coaching, and even some implementation. And so today we're going to talk about something that Brandon has just launched and it's really exciting. I'm glad to help share this news and get the word out there for the photography community because this is a great thing. Brandon, first, welcome to the show.

Brandon: Well, I appreciate you having me again. Back on the. On the segment. So yeah, glad to be here for sure. Yeah. So, so, so tell us what you just launched. So I had a whole bunch of clients that had basically asked me like if I find that there are the same things happening over and over for photographers, especially when it comes to Seo. So one of the things that I'm spending time working on each individual person helping them grow their business, get ranked and we've seen phenomenal results. But what I was thinking is that like I'd love to share this with everyone and make it bigger rather than just that one on one experience. So the way that I could do that is actually holding a bootcamp for photographers. And so what that is, is a SEO bootcamp that last six weeks. Uh, it's really, really cool.

Brandon: I'm so excited to be doing this and I think that there's a ton of people. I already have a bunch of people signing up, but they're super excited and you could just tell like they're talking to you or talking to me. Like it's just like crazy because they're, what do we get started with? So what are we going to do this? And you can tell the excitement in their voice and you know, it's just awesome. So, uh, one of the things that I'm doing in the bootcamp is that we're going to do some lesson releases on Monday. So you're going to be talking to me basically three times a week because the nice thing is, is that you can't make it. It's all recorded, is available for playback back in your, in your membership. And Oh yeah. By the way, it does turn into a membership where these seats turn into a lifetime membership that you never have to pay for it again.

Brandon: So what that means is that you're going to be able to access any bootcamps for your bootcamp and all future bootcamps that are held. So let me get back into, uh, the way that schedule works. Monday, we're gonna do a, a free lease as far as you're going to get content information, like what we're going to be doing that week, Wednesday, I'm going to have a hot seat Webinar. That hot seat Webinar is then going to go. There's gonna be different sessions throughout the day. Those sessions are going to be specific to the photographer's niche, so that would be like if you're a wedding photographer, we're going to concentrate on a session just for wedding photographers. If your a family photographer, family portraits, we're going to concentrate just on family portraits, so there's no mixed messaging or anything like that or you're not sitting there learning something about an industry or like that specific type of photography.

Brandon: Why does the rebate to you? So let's do, let's work on your business and what's relevant for you. Then after Wednesday, then we're going to do a Facebook live on Friday and what that Facebook has just basically covered any issues that you may have had when you were planning. But the thing about it is that I'm actually showing you how to do all this stuff first one to tell you and then I'm going to show you live. So yeah, it's literally live on the Webinar. Guys like you can literally raise your hand and wherever you raise your hand I can answer your question or we can save it to the end. It's not one of those like fake webinars where you could click on it and then like people are interacting and all that stuff, but your question ever gets answered, not this one you actually get answered and the thing about this is that if I don't get to it, I can answer your questions later and bonus content so it's all about you.

Brandon: It's not about me and trying to do all this SEO stuff. They're like, Hey, I basically, you're not going to go in here and you're not going to be able to do this and that, blah, blah, blah. This is all customized to the user. I focus heavily on the user experience and that's what's so important about this is that you guys need to get results. So the plan, yeah, the plan is to go from zero results until at least some type of result. So what we're going to do is measure, in the beginning, you're going to get a website audit report and then at the end organ then generate a website audit report for you so you can see the side by side difference as far as the progress that you've made in just six weeks.

Brandon: That's fantastic. I'm so beyond, uh, the, the the, I guess beyond just like the information about it, let's say like, like the the details about that you just went through how many, how many seats are actually available for the bootcamp? I'm like in total. Yeah. This time there's only 50. That's because the deals are so crazy. Like, all right, so you're getting your free website audits. There are also other things that you get inside there. One being I'm, I'm creating a course called learn how to build a WordPress website like a pro. I literally walked through how I develop a website and the tools they use and you get that included for free. So that alone is worth the value of what course, you know, just by itself. That can be another purchase, which eventually, later on, will be. But this time it's included in it, I'm giving it away for free.

Brandon: So you have that. Then you also have, um, other, other, um, I'm trying to think of what other deals I have in there. So then I have a membership to. So like that membership, if you want to jump in, you're going to get that lifetime membership as I mentioned before, you get access to all the content, you get access to the courses, anything that built out. So it's kind of like you're a founding member in that founding member. Basically grants you'd like access to a whole bunch of stuff that nobody else is going to get and they're going to have to pay for later on. And then I have a couple of other things too. Wherever you sign up you get a couple emails, then I have some bonus packages and stuff like that as well if you do a couple of things. So.

Scott: Awesome. So, um, so the price really started at, what was it, $99, but then that the $99 already filled out and then it's, there are two other price levels and you're basically the price goes up as the lower price ticket sells out, right?

Brandon: Yeah, the price goes up. So yeah, it started at 97 and it started at $97 a. There are only 10 available in that went, like the day that this open and then like it was just amazing because I'm sitting here like, you know, let's see the desire and stuff, the want, the need that people have and that thing just like flew off the shelf. I'm like, Whoa, where are you in the one nine, seven brackets? So it goes from 97 to [inaudible] 97 and then two 97

Scott: originally. It's only this, this, this one. If, if you do a bootcamp again down the road, uh, the price could even go up higher potentially depending on everything.

Brandon: Absolutely. If, if I were to bundle this, that would be like save 497 or greater. So that's originally where I was going to start, but I'm like, you know, that's not ideal when you're asking for a whole bunch of money and stuff like that rather gate and people just want to try it or like they're struggling. I mean it's photographers were not made it and

Scott: if somebody wants to go in and implement SEO on their own site and try to get the education from, from like, you know, local SEO companies and things like that, they could be talking at like thousands of dollars. So the fact that they can get into a bootcamp and learn everything that they need to, um, with, with very actionable steps is for, for even at the two 97 point that's really attractive, uh, when, when they could be spending a heck of a lot more elsewhere. Yeah, for sure. Um, so when is, when is the first Monday session go? When does this, uh, even though the tickets are open, when does it officially start? July, July, 23rd is the start date. July 23rd. Awesome. So, so this episode is airing, I believe, to life this episode airs. So hopefully there are some seats left, um, there is there a waiting list. So if I, if, if somebody goes and they see this podcast later on or a blog post later on and they go to it and it's, let's say a sold out. Is there a waiting list?

Brandon: Yeah, thanks for asking a, we aren't going to create a waiting list for the next time that we do this. Um, the waiting list. We'll put you on there and then you'll be one of the first people to receive the information of when we plan on launching. And so if you're interested, I mean I don't know what type of deals may change a little bit, but for sure get on the waiting list because I always liked to sweeten the pot for the first couple of people that get in there. So it's definitely, um, I've left the pot pretty sweet this time. So I just kept on, I stack all the deals and the only thing that changed with this woman was the price. So yeah, next time it may be a little bit different. That's why it's a very unique offer to get in at this point,

Scott: but for sure it join the waitlist. I just want to put a little personal note in this that, um, you know, I've, I've known Brandon for some time now. I've seen a product that you've seen that he's created and the work that he's done and I can pretty much tell you that getting in on the bootcamp is going to really, you're going to find tons of added value that you weren't expecting and, and he's not going to tell you this, you know, just, just like that because a lot of this is just a fun surprise that things that you'll find that you're not going to expect to have this or that and then boom, there's going to be something that, that he just wanted to give this extra value add, you know, most likely for free in the bootcamp and, and, and, and beyond.

Scott: Right. So, and Brandon's also very personable with, with everything that he does. So it's not like you're just going to be going to this automated system and, and left on your own. You, you have him there with you and you can, like he told you earlier, you can, you can ask them questions and get answers. So, um, it's, it's not, it's something that, that, that somebody who really cares about what he's doing and what he's teaching is offering. Right? So if this is something that you are interested in, if you are trying to up your SEO game, get your website ranking better than your competition and do it without spending a fortune that you might at a local Seo company, then I've, I really recommend checking it out. I will link to a landing page for this in the show notes for this episode at imagely.com/podcast/ 63 and you will be able to get a link to the landing page with which has tons of more information on the bootcamp. Uh, so I highly recommend checking it out if this is something that is sparking an interest in your mind. A Brandon, is there anything that I wanted to keep this episode short so that people just know about it and then they can go and take action on, on the actual page for the bootcamp, but is there anything you want me, you want to leave with that, you know, we can just end the episode with this

Brandon: sort of. Yeah. Whether it's inspirational or not. Well, if anyone, if you ever. No matter who can't racing at all, um, whether it's this product or something else that you're having problems with within your business, I offer a one-hour free consultation on anything that I do. So the biggest thing is that if you weren't website on it, and that's where a lot of people want to start, is that I want the website audit. I wonder where I stand. Do I really need SEO? Is One hour free? I literally do not do anything. I don't pitch you on any product or anything at all. I literally tell you what you need and you walk away with an idea as far as the strategy on where you need to go and you can see if you want me to implement that with you and for you for you is a little bit more expensive.

Brandon: That's why usually it's best that like if you go into the bootcamp it's going to be a shorter or smaller costs of entry, but you're getting a huge amount of value and they ask all these questions rather than having to pay for me hourly or have to have to pay for me on retainer. So that's why like this is so amazing and we're just trying to get the word out there because this is like, it's like the best thing in the world right now. Like I just, I'm so excited about it and like I even have customers. It's just like what Scott said, you know, he's, he knows me. He knows exactly like what I'm all about. I've had customers that came in completely not even knowing me at all and there is a wine to get started. So like, I don't want to hold them back and I am offering free advice. I mean they paid for the bootcamp, but it shouldn't be an hourly rate that they're being charged for. Well, I'm offering that advice to them to help them get started to prepare for bootcamp. So put them in the best possible position. Let's get the ball rolling because I really care about your business. Um, especially all my clients, I just want to see them improve results. They grow, I grow. No, we'll do it together. Awesome.

Scott: Awesome. So again, thank you. Thank you Brandon, for coming on. You know, this is a very specific episode about one specific thing and I'm, I'm happy to be able to share it with the, with the, uh, with the community, all listeners of the podcast, the viewers of the video, a part of the podcast. And you know, we, hopefully we can have you on again, maybe we can have you on after the bootcamp bootcamp bootcamp. I can't even what happened to speaking after the bootcamp and a c out went and, and whatnot. And then. Yeah. So thank you for joining. If you want to check out the landing page, the checkout page for the bootcamp, go to our show notes at imagely.com/podcast/63, and you will be able to find the information linking to a to the bootcamp. Thanks for listening. Thanks for watching. See you in the next episode.

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