Episode 95 - Swipe Up Without 10,000 Instagram Followers
The WordPress Photography Podcast
The WordPress Photography Podcast
Episode 95 - Swipe Up Without 10,000 Instagram Followers


If you have less than 10,000 followers on Instagram then you cannot natively do a swipe up inside of an Instagram Story. But there is a workaround that anyone can utilize. In this episode, we will show you exactly how to do it.

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@imagely, I want to see @photomatt on episode 100 of the WordPress Photography Podcast.

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Welcome to episode 95 this is Scott Wyden Kivowitz and today we're going to continue with a topic on Instagram and I have one goal with this, with this episode of the podcast, and it is to show you that if you are a photographer with under 10,000 followers on Instagram, you can actually do a swipe up feature in your Instagram. Stories you have to do is sort of a a hack a work around in order to make it happen. You can't just do it like somebody who actually has 10,000 followers can do it where it's built in. You have to do a workaround, so I'm going to show you using Facebook's creator studio. If you are not using creator studio, I recommend it especially to upload your Instagram stories. Anything you make on your computer that you want to upload to your Instagram, you can actually post to your feed and to your IgE TV, which you're going to need as well by connecting your creator studio on Facebook to your Instagram account.

Now all this does. If you go to business.facebook.com/creatorstudio and create a studio being one word in that URL, then you can then connect your Instagram account. You connect your Instagram account and your Facebook page and you then have access to edit, modify, and also post to your Instagram feed, your Instagram stories and your Instagram IgE TV. So what you would do once you're all set up with that is you make sure you're in the Instagram tab. Go to create post, choose I G T V Instagram TV, and you're going to go ahead and you're going to create a new post to your Instagram accounts. And yes, as you probably just thought, if you're watching this episode, then you probably just saw that you can actually connect multiple pages and multiple interim accounts to the creator studio. So that is really nice. Then you will go ahead and you will upload the file.

You can import it from your Facebook page if you have stories that you've created on your Facebook page and you want to utilize or you can actually upload a file. So I create all my stories inside of final cut pro. And so I do it just upload that file that I created there. You can also upload a custom image if you want, and of course has to be a vertical image, but you can upload a custom image. You then are going to create your title. So this is my amazing title. That is the title. I'm going to use the sample title. And then I have these emojis that I use that, that I include. I have them in a app or note and I just copy and I paste them here. And you can see that there's two, if you're again watching this episode, I have a down arrow and a mouse click.

There is no touch. I'm like tap phone emoji. I wish there was, but I can't find one that really works well. So basically I am saying, you know, you can tap to look down and then the description, here's where the fun hack comes into play in the description of IgE TV. You can put a URL and that URL is clickable on the phone, right? Whereas if you were using an Instagram post, normal in your feed and you put a URL, it's just text, they don't make it tappable clickable on the phone, which means that if you're sharing a blog post and you want to say go to this blog post and you type it in, you have to say or visit my LinkedIn bio and click the link in the bio. And that's annoying. So the workaround is saying, okay, here's the link to the blog post, right?

You put in your URL to the blog post and then you put description. This is my amazing description. And you put that in for the IGT V episode, the, the T V IGT V episode you're making, and then you hit publish or you can actually schedule it. You can schedule your IgE TV and also your feed all in creative studio. It's really nice to do on the desktop. Now, I mean, I use buffer as you saw in the last episode. I, you actually use buffer for our us to say two episodes ago. I use buffer to schedule my Instagram posts, but for stories and ID TV, I do it all in creator studio because it's just so much easier whenever I have one that I've created on the computer, not on my phone. Right? I mean, okay, so you post, you publish that, right?

You have it all done. Next thing to do is actually go and create an Instagram story. So we're going to go ahead and create a story. I'm going to say this is my story and say swipe up. Now of course you can, you can add in. You can add in stickers. So I'm going to add a swipe up sticker and obviously the color isn't great, so I'm going to change the color. There we go. This is my story. Swipe up. And now what you're gonna do is there's a link icon. You're going to click that link icon and choose the IgE TV video that you just created and you're going to hit done. And now what's going to happen is that in your, in your story, there's going to be for people watching, there's going to be that swipe up feature. And when they swipe up, it's actually going to take them to the story, so when they swipe up, they're going to see this.

They're going to see the YouTube TV episode that you created. You can see the title, we'll have the emoji, which is more visible, and when they go to click it, it's going to bring down the description with that link and then they can click the link and they can get to the page you want them to get to. It's okay. Is that simple, but it's still a hack that you have to do. Unfortunately, if you don't have the right amount of, of a of subscribers, if you don't have 10,000 which is not your fault, I mean it, it, it, it happens and not everybody has a goal of getting to 10,000 followers. Not everybody needs to gets a 10,000 followers for their photography business. If you're not there, you have a way to do a swipe up with a little bit of extra work rather than swiping up and going right to the URL that you're saying they're swiping up and they're going to an IgE TV, which then will then send them to the link you want them to go to.

So there you go. That is a episode 95 I can't believe we're in episode 95. I hope that you're enjoying this sort of a multi-part series on Instagram. What would be really cool is I've had, if I can get to episode 99 all on Instagram, that is my goal and that way episode 100 will be something super special. I don't know what it would be yet, but I'm still working on it. I'm, if you think that'd be cool to have Matt Mullenweg come on the WordPress photography podcast. Matt Mullenweg is the original creator of WordPress. Please just ping us on Twitter, on Instagram, wherever it is, Facebook ping us and just say, I want you to get Matt on episode 100. Thank you for watching. Thank you for listening. Check out the show notes on imagely.com/podcast/ 95 see you in the next episode.

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