travel-photo-hacksI recently watched an episode of TWiP (This Week in Photo) to see if I could further optimize my travel preparation for the 2016 WPPI trip.

Frederick was joined on a TWiP episode by Valerie Jardin and Shiv Verma to discuss travel photography hacks

It was a fantastic episode (embedded below) where they went back and forth to share various tips for traveling fo photography. They discussed bags and equipment and clothing and even hotels versus AirBNB.

One of the tips from Frederick was using zip ties to secure the zippers on checked bags. Doing so will deter public theft, but they're also easy to open by TSA.

I was thinking about some of the things I do when traveling, and thought it would be fun to share a tip, and also hear from you.

My tip is as follows.

When traveling I use a SCOTTeVEST jacket because I can lighten my carry-on luggage by wearing various things. I can keep chargers, lenses or anything I want, inside of a SCOTTeVEST jacket.

Please watch the TWiP episode and then comment with your travel photography hack.

And here's a bonus video from Chase Jarvis.

Here's a video I made talking about one product that is always with me while traveling.

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