How To Do A Webinar (For Free) For Your Photography Clients

Hosting a webinar for your photography clients is not something all photographers will want to do for the photo businesses. In fact, it may not be effective for all businesses.

But the topic has come up in conversation, numerous times, so we thought it would be worth sharing a way that you can do it for free.

No subscriptions and no one-time fees. Just free and basic.

Have you used Google Hangouts before? If not, think of it as Skype with more controls and the ability to record conversations.

Google Hangouts On Air is the feature from Google to record a Hangout call direct to YouTube, with live Q&A functions. There are also camera and sound controls as well as live applauses and many more neat features.

To get started with Google Hangouts On Air, click here, and create your first event. Once created, follow these steps to get your webinar setup.

  1. Copy the Link to either the Event page or the YouTube video.
  2. Email that link to your client(s) whom you want to view the webinar.
  3. At the time of the event, click the Start button to get the call going.
  4. When you get the call screen, click on the gear icon to customize your video and audio settings.
  5. Click on the Q&A button if you want your clients to have the ability to ask questions.
  6. Click the Start Broadcast settings when you're ready to go.

When you stop the broadcast the video will go into your YouTube account as unlisted. From there you can do whatever you want with the video, like email it to those who signed up for the webinar, but missed the live recording.

Have you tried a webinar for clients?

How did it go?  Comment and let us know!

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