Photographers, You Should Write For Your Clients. So Start With This!

Photographers, You Should Write For Your Clients. So Start With This!Too often we see photographers writing about themselves, without a thought of their clients. Or we see photographers writing for other photographers, also without the thought of clients.

But if your client is anyone other than another photographer, then you need to learn how to write for them.

That's why we recommend a course called Irresistible You from our friend Jenika McDavitt. Jenika runs the popular website, Psychology for Photographers where she has been teaching about the psychology of being a photographer for many years.

If you think writing about yourself to connect with clients is hard, then you're wrong. Sorry. It's not hard, and it’s not mysterious.  You just haven't been educated in the ways of the force. (Yes that's a Star Wars reference)

Irresistible You guides you through the steps to change your mindset so you can create page and blog content that instantly connects you and your clients.

Jenika created Irresistible You to teach you:

  • What clients want to hear about you, personally
  • Five psychological influences that make personal sharing smart business strategy
  • How to talk about yourself without feeling self-absorbed
  • How to pick stories that will draw your ideal clients in
  • The “it girl” secrets to dominating online (that even an introvert can steal)
  • How to sound like yourself when you write
  • How to find the right balance of personal and professional for you
  • Two mistakes that make people wear their About pages like an itchy sweater – and three ways to make a better one
  • The Never-Ending Content Generator strategy for never running out of ways to connect with your reader

If you think you need a course like this, head over to Irresistible You today and get started.

But if you're on the fence and you want a taste of what Jenika has created, try her FREE course Write About Yourself So Clients Will Listen.

It's never too late to start. And with Jenika's guidance, you can start to naturally communicate your personality and connect with clients without feeling like you're boring or bragging. Irresistible You, you will begin infusing your website, blog, and social media with your personality (strategically!).

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